yonex wet tacky grap

Yonex Wet “Tacky” Grap AC154EX

Was looking for something a bit more absorbent than regular Yonex Super Grap/Lining Gp1000, stumbled across Yonex Wet Tacky Grap AC154EX. Wanted to try since there’s no review of it on any forums.

Before anyone tells me to get a towel grip, I’ve tried and that’s not for me :/. I just wipe my sweat too much (i.e. face/arms/legs) and then it gets on my grip and makes less grippy/tacky.

I can see why now lol.

Not tacky at all, more slippery if anything. Sweating made this even worse, didn’t absorb any sweat. It’s got this weird eraser feeling, but personally it’s not for me.

Another negative is that this stuff is super thin even with the factory grip on my NF800LT under it. So the vibrations were really tough on my hand too.

Overall going back to regular super grap/equivalent graps, even though I run through them a bit quickly (my wallet will be very sad ;-;). If anyone has any other recommendations that are good for people that sweat please let me know.

P.S. I’ve tried towel sweatbands (on the arms) to try absorbing the sweat, but that only works a little.