5 Tricks to Stop Injury in Badminton

There are many imaginable accidents you will probably get because of taking part in badminton. The well-liked ones are decrease back pain, sprained ankle, tennis elbow and ligament tear.

If you’re a major badminton participant, you must take precautions to stop these accidents. The extra intense you are during your sport, the upper chance that you can get these injuries.

1. Heat Up/Warm down and Stretching.

The for the reason that skilled badminton players spend about 30 minutes in whole to warm up/heat down is as a result of they comprehend the hazards concerned if they skip their heat up sessions.

Failure to heat up and stretch earlier than train may end in muscle pulls. Not simplest does warm up and stretching assist forestalls muscle pulls; it’ll also lend a hand elevate your efficiency whilst you play.

Due to this fact, do not get too keen to start out enjoying when you reach the badminton courtroom. Spend a few minutes to warm up and stretch so that your muscle groups are loosened and are more versatile all the way through your badminton session.

2. Right Methodology.

It is usually vital that you perform the suitable badminton tactics at all times. Performing the mistaken tactics not handiest makes you operate poorly, you may get injured!

For instance, the non-racket arm performs an important function in helping you take care of body stability in badminton. It will be significant at all times that you simply use your non-racket arm to stabilize the load of your racket arm.

If you happen to execute a badminton leap smash without the use of your non-racket arm to take care of stability, there may be a high likelihood that you’ll injure the muscular tissues around your waist, hence inflicting lower again injuries.

Similarly, doing the unsuitable badminton strokes would possibly lead to you exerting pointless energy. This would possibly make you pull a muscle.

3. Use the Appropriate Racket.

Using the flawed badminton racket is a standard lead to for accidents. Are trying to find advice from the racket supplier or any professionals on what racket best suits you.

As an instance, choosing a racket with a heavy head (energy racket) might lead to shoulder injuries to newcomers. Power rackets are troublesome to keep an eye on and require the person to have just right badminton strokes technique.

4. Correct String Pressure.

Similar to selecting the best badminton racket, it’s a must to use the right string pressure!

Higher string tensions are for keeping an eye on. Lower string tensions are for power.

Most professional avid gamers use string tensions above 30lbs (very excessive pressure).

It is good for you to choose from 20-26lbs. Take into account that, the upper the string stress, the less power for your stroke. This results in a better likelihood of getting injured whereas looking to put in additional energy into your strokes.

5. Proper Badminton Shoes.

You should get a pair of badminton footwear. Badminton footwear is specially made to soak up shocks and influences.

The best way the game of badminton is performed is harmful to the kneecap. You need to get shoes which might be good shock absorbers to stop injuries in your knee cap and your shin bone.

6. Do Not Play for Too Long.

An excessive amount of-of anything else is just not just right. This fashionable expression applies to badminton too.

Enjoying badminton for lengthy hours will harm your shin bone/knee cap/ankle as you continuously lunge ahead to receive the shuttle.

Lunging forward is harmful to your dominant leg as it’ll wish to absorb the entire momentum out of your lunge. That is why the right badminton footwear helps to scale back the influence.


Total, like every other activity, injuries may also be prevented simply in case you take the vital steps to cut back the chance of injuries.

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