Celebrating Women in Badminton: A Successful Event by the Senegalese Badminton Federation

In honor of International Women’s Day, the Gender Equity Committee of the Senegalese Badminton Federation orchestrated a remarkable and insightful event, aiming to spotlight and celebrate women in badminton.

The focal point of this event was to accentuate the role of women by promoting gender equality within the sport. The highlight of the occasion was the presence of the esteemed godmother, Mrs. GUEYE Coumba Ngouye THIAM, a retired policewoman and an honorary member of the Association des Pionnières de la Police Nationale Sénégalaise, as well as the Honorary President of FESBAD. Mrs. Thiam shared her journey of service to the nation and her passion for badminton, which she discovered during her mission at TIMOR ORIENTAL. She emphasized how the sport helped her cope with stress and occupied her leisure time.

Picture2The event also addressed the important topic of menstrual management, with Ms. Yaye Hélène NDIAYE providing valuable insights and dispelling taboos surrounding the issue. She advocated for the use of reusable sanitary towel kits, and the Commission procured a batch for the benefit of the young players in attendance.

Madame Ndeye Coumba CISSOKHO, a former athlete and multiple-time champion, encouraged young girls to strive to become champions both on and off the field. She emphasized that true champions are defined by their performance in sports as well as their endeavors in their professional lives.

A Shuttle Time activity engaged a group of young girls, including three soldiers, in training sessions. At the conclusion of the activity, rackets and shuttlecocks were distributed by the President of the Gender Equity Commission to promote inclusion and nurture new talents.

Under the leadership of its President, Ms. Halima LY, the commission reiterated the importance of self-respect and empowerment for young girls. Ms. Ly urged them to seize opportunities in sports and represent the nation with pride, especially on the international stage. She emphasized that women have a vital role to play in national development.

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The event was brimming with emotions and meaningful exchanges, leaving both participants and parents thoroughly satisfied. Additionally, the Senegalese Badminton Federation expressed its joy for being able to honor women in connection with International Women’s Day. They reiterated their commitment to promoting women’s participation in badminton and acknowledged the significance of gender parity within their organization.

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Furthermore, the federation highlighted its dedication to inclusivity by partnering with Special Olympics, ensuring that their activities are accessible to all. An agreement with Special Olympics is set to be formalized in the coming days, further solidifying their commitment to inclusivity and diversity within the sport.

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In conclusion, the event served as a powerful testament to the Senegalese Badminton Federation’s steadfast dedication to gender equality, inclusivity, and the empowerment of women within the sport. As badminton continues to evolve as a platform for growth and opportunity, the federation remains resolute in its commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment where every individual, regardless of gender or background, can thrive. With women taking center stage in badminton development in Senegal, the federation’s efforts underscore a profound belief in the transformative power of sport to drive positive change and build a brighter future for all.

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