Humans of Shuttle Time: Phiri Jenipher

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ST Tutor, Zambia Badminton

Childhood Days

I grew up as a sportsperson. My father introduced me to sports; he played lawn tennis and hockey. I played all indoor racket sports and netball. I am a single mother of four boys. I enjoy dancing exercises and traditional games which involve everyone. I love interactions, meeting new people, and helping out where I can.

Relationship with Badminton

I am a physical trainer by profession, a badminton coach for juniors, and a Para badminton volunteer. I have a passion for badminton, especially when it comes to youngsters’ participation. That’s why I go into schools and communities just to interact with kids through sport.

I’m thankful for Shuttle Time, it’s the best tool ever introduced in badminton.

Tryst With Badminton

I first saw badminton in Zambia at the ZCCM Games in Chingola, Copperbelt province. I joined Nchanga club with Coach James and Coach Chintu (MUF) at the age of 13, about 20 years ago.

First Impressions

I am a person who likes and enjoys fun games. So, for me, it was like a chase game because of trying to find and hit the shuttle. It was like playing a touch and chase game for kids. I really wanted to learn and play it to the fullest. I wanted to be the best in my age category. I was top in U12 and U14, but it got tougher as I grew older. Thanks to BCA we now have Shuttle Time in schools.

Relationship with Badminton Since Then

Badminton has been my number one sport. I love it because it has become an inclusive sport. Through badminton, my circle has grown with administrators, technical officials, and athletes worldwide. Badminton has taught me a lot, both in sports and non-sport activities such as business, event management courses, and advancing my studies.

What Badminton Means

It is my better half, for want of a better term! It is something I am willing to share with whoever I see. I am deeply committed to promoting and developing badminton in any way possible. I am in love with badminton and willing to share the values of sport through it.

Developing Badminton in the Community

For long-term development, proper equipment is necessary. Badminton equipment can be expensive. Fortunately, schools participating in Shuttle Time have received equipment. This initiative encourages kids to stay in school while participating in sports. Being with kids in communities, I discovered that they join bad groups because of a lack of motivating activities around them. Most activities are far away from away from them. So it’s good to introduce them to healthy and productive activities.

Impact of Shuttle Time

It has really helped because it involves mass participation where you tap talent. Most schools and communities where badminton has been introduced have benefited. More kids are in school if they are involved in sport. The community has less problems with kids getting into bad company.

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