Bexley revel in success of women’s programme


Bexley Badminton are revelling in the success of their recent programme to encourage more women into badminton. 

The club in Welling, south east London, identified that they had fewer women playing regularly compared with men.

They also found that they were struggling to attract women to take part in mixed or women’s doubles as part of their league team.

To combat the issue, the club started a 10-session programme aimed at beginners to encourage and motivate them to join the club.

Their effort was two-fold as they also interacted with their existing pool of female players to encourage them to play in league matches.

Every Saturday, the club put on a 90-minute session aimed at improving the players’ technical badminton skills.

Each session was dedicated to specific skills with the programme also aimed at boosting confidence and making the transition to league teams smooth.

Feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive with players noticing significant improvement in their skills.

The aim to attract more regular and confident players was met as several attendees went on to sign up for club sessions during the week.

Furthermore, the players also requested that the programme be extended beyond the initial 10 sessions.

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