Humans of Shuttle Time: Karabo Mosweu

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Shuttle Time Tutor, Botswana Badminton Association

Childhood Days

I started playing badminton when I was 15 years old.

My first coach was Barbadian and he believed in badminton basics, so we were taken through proper basic movement and then racket skills followed. My coach also motivated me by always giving me challenging tasks. The badminton team was like family to me, we were always supportive of each other.

We had so many trips since badminton had many tournaments that were always in the southern side of Botswana but our area (Maun) is in North Botswana so we would carry our books and study during those trips.

First Impressions

The movement patterns displayed in the game seemed magical to me. It. It was love at first sight, and even though it seemed difficult I was interested in the game. Badminton then became part of me. I trained and achieved great national medals, and when I couldn’t play anymore I switched to coaching

What Badminton Means

Badminton is now my life. I live badminton and it’s now a family affair. I love this game because it connects me with my players beyond playing, I meet their parents and our connection is broadened.

What Makes it Different

Badminton is a noble sport. It doesn’t have conflicts like in other outdoor sports. It is one sport that exercises almost all muscles in the body.

Developing Badminton in the Community

Discipline is a contagious behaviour; badminton trainees will always know how to work with other people. As players’ parents gather to plan for trips and or to assist in funding for equipment and attire they also meet and socialise.

Impact of Shuttle Time

Shuttle Time has made a huge difference in coaching. It is now easier to coach since material is always available. Session plans have made coaching easier and safer and it takes less time to prepare for a training session.

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