Glorious Achievement: Johanita Scholtz dethrone Kate Foo Kune in African Games 2023

The recently concluded African Games in Accra, Ghana, unfolded a thrilling badminton spectacle, showcasing the prowess and self-discipline  of the continent’s finest players. Among the standout performances, the focus remains on the freshly crowned African Champions who etched their names in the annals of African badminton.

In the Women’s Singles category, Johanita Scholtz, seeded number 3 from South Africa, ascended to the pinnacle of success by clinching the African Champion title. The finals proved to be a hard-fought battle against the underdog, Husina Kobugabe from Uganda. The match unfolded with intensity, going the distance as Johanita triumphed with a scoreline of 16-21, 21-17, 21-19. In a post-match interview with BCA TV, a jubilant Johanita expressed her elation, saying, “I am very happy to win it this time as the one in Egypt, I lost narrowly and was so annoyed with myself. But this time I kept my composure and played calmly on the court.”

7K5A2056 165 165In the Women’s Doubles category, the spotlight shifted to Ugandan pair, Husina Kobugabe and Gladys Mbabazi, seeded number 2, who emerged as the African Champions. Their path to victory was paved with resilience and skill as they defeated Halla Bouksani and Tanina Violette Mammeri from Algeria in a closely contested two sets, concluding with a scoreline of 23-21, 21-14. After the match, the Ugandan duo shared their joy, stating, “This is the first time that we reached a Finals at the African Games, and to top it off, we managed to win it. We are extremely happy with our performance and hope to continue on the same momentum throughout the year and in the next All Africa.”

The triumphs of Johanita Scholtz, Husina Kobugabe, and Gladys Mbabazi not only exemplify their individual proficiency but also underscore the growing competitiveness within African badminton. As these freshly crowned African Champions bask in their glory, their victories serve as an inspiration for aspiring players across the continent. The stage is set for these athletes to carry their momentum forward, leaving an indelible mark on the international badminton stage.

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