Humans of Shuttle Time: AHMED ALLOUCH

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Shuttle Time National Coordinator, Tunisian Badminton Federation

I was born in the big coastal city of Sfax in the center of Tunisia. I come from a sporting family which encouraged sport, as they believed that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body.

I played various sports, especially athletics and rugby, until 2010 when I started my sports management career.

First Impressions

The first time I saw badminton was in Tunis in 2006 when I participated in a basic level course with the Tunisian Badminton association. I was impressed and I felt that it was a vibrant and fun sport. I liked its inclusivity and that can be played by any one at any age.

My relationship with badminton officially started in 2019, the date of the establishment of a National Federation with many associations/clubs in the country. This continued until 2022, when I was elected Vice-President of the Executive Board of our national federation, and then my appointment as Shuttle Time National Coordinator.

Memorable Events

The most memorable event is very recent! It was the African Beach Games held in Hammamet in June 2023 in Tunisia, where Air Badminton was one of the 16 sports. It was a very successful event and the first significant continental badminton event in Tunisia. It was an opportunity to meet the African badminton family and welcome players from eight countries

What Badminton Means

For me, badminton is a complete sport that encompasses the physical, technical, and fun aspects. It can be played at any age and is accessible to all, whether for leisure or competition. Badminton does not discriminate against anyone – children, youth, the elderly, women, and people with disabilities can all participate and have fun. Additionally, the possibility to play it indoors and outdoors makes it accessible year-round.

Developing Badminton in the Community

Badminton has significant development potential in Tunisia. To that end, we have increased the number of official competitions, promotion, and development events (in schools, colleges, universities, interior cities, etc.), organised coach courses and referees courses, and more. The good thing is that people were motivated, engaged, and very happy to learn, play, and watch.

Impact of Shuttle Time

Shuttle Time has made a significant difference in Tunisia. Hundreds of people have engaged with badminton, many youngsters have become players, coaches have been trained and become involved in associations and clubs. New associations/clubs have been created and established after Shuttle Time events in different cities in Tunisia. This will promote badminton at all levels.

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