yonex tour models arc7

Yonex TOUR models (Arc7 AX77)


Can anyone share experience of using Pro Tour (game) Play here please? I’ve watched the CKYEW content, and it’s leaning towards going for cheaper options, especially with current prices!

I’ve used a few, wondering whether I go for a Tour or Pro next, also dropping to 4u from my prefered 3u.

I’ve tried:
88S pro 4u. Balance felt amazing from the first time i held it. Initially smash power reduced, but that got better. When it started feeling too light i went 3u.

88S pro 3u. My current goto. Fast and powerful enough. Really smooth and dampened feel. Love it.

88S Play. Felt cheap and light and lacking in headweight. Didn’t manage to use it for a full game. Mainly put me off the Play models for my own use.

Arc11pro 3u. Very stiff. Amazing power from lazy swing. Control was awesome but I was frustrated with massive drop in smash power.

AX77 Play. Feels a bit light, nice balance. Really easy power. Definite contender for S pro replacement. To me it feels a lot like the original 88S, albeit more flexible. Just a really nice feeling of ideal setup for my swing, doing its job.

Arc7 Play. The real surprise, too light, too even BUT, the sound coming off fresh BG80, the accuracy and power generation so easy! Also a contender if I completely change my prefered spec and focus on aim rather than brute force smash. Really nice feedback, I’m not sure i want to dampen this with a Pro model.

Seems that going more flexible doesn’t bother me if it’s in 4u (and less head heavy).

So the question is, what to try next? Tour or Pro?! Leaningntowards the tour on the assumtpion I maybe can’t handle the stiffness of Pro models. Now that match season is over I’m going to give the Ax77Play and Arc7Play a lot more time to test. 3u Arc11Play also on my list to try.

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