Humans of Shuttle Time: RAFFICK ALFONSO

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Shuttle Time Tutor, Badminton Association of Zimbabwe

I grew up as a sports-loving child, active all year round. As a child I did athletics, soccer, hockey and volleyball. During holidays I’d hang out with friends playing video games as well as street soccer which is very popular in Zimbabwe and we would also play street cricket influenced by the hosting of the World Cup by Zimbabwe and South Africa in 2003. I was a very adventurous kid, always trying new things.

I first saw badminton at high school in Harare. The first thing that struck me about the game was the “ball”. What on earth were grown-ups doing, chasing the funny ball? Later, having tried to hit it and missed, I was told it was a shuttlecock. Since then it has become my first choice sport.

Memorable Events

Victory against Cameroon in the 2014 African Championships in Botswana, and launch of Shuttle Time which has brought me friends from my region and different regions in Zimbabwe.

What Badminton Means

It means a lot as it is a platform by which a young athlete can encounter life-changing opportunity. With badminton you can play anywhere there’s space, and thus forms part of the social lives of people.

Developing Badminton in the Community

There’s a lot of satisfaction that comes when youngsters enjoy a new sport and begin to appreciate you as a coach who has brought in a new thing in their lives.

Shuttle Time has given every child an opportunity to try out badminton and made it accessible. Children and their parents appreciate it as they don’t waste time any more.

Lessons From Shuttle Time

Shuttle Time has made it possible for us to speak one language, as it’s accessible to everyone — from well-off communities to marginalised ones.

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