wise head 2086 lead screw and grippers jaw lubricant oils

Wise head 2086-Lead Screw and Gripper’s Jaw lubricant oils

A few months ago, my Wise head’s lead screw worked very loudly and I thought it was time for maintenance, but I did not know which lubricate oil should work for it.
Then I emailed Tennis Head to get some advice, and they gave some information:
+ Wise head’s Lead Screw: Silicone spray (WD-40 Specialist® Silicone Lubricant/ WD-40 high performance silicone lubricant).
+Gripper’s Jaw: 3in1 lubricate oil (lubricate every 20 to 30 rackets or as needed if it gets dry sooner).

I did the maintenance and now I am satisfied without crazy sounds
gripper care.jpg IMG_4392.jpeg