Why do people buy top tier high end rackets?

So I’ve been doing a lot of research on new rackets, since I’m planning to buy a new one. And from what it seems like, there are A LOT of people, who own one or sometimes even several expensive high end rackets. Often these are also rackets that are considered very hard to master, because they are super stiff or head heavy or really unforgiving (things like VZFII or Ryuga for example). But still, people buy them, play with them and seem to be very happy with it. And I want to understand why.

Often people buy rackets, that are also used by pro players. For example Astrox 100ZZ, which is used by Viktor Axelsen seems to be pretty popular here. And let’s face it: There’s a huge difference between pro players and normal people like us. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying people here are bad players. I definitely think there are a lot of good players around here with good technique and lots of experience. But still, when it comes to strength, speed, technique etc., pro players like Axelsen are worlds apart from us mere mortals. But how can the same racket be the right choice for both a good amateur player and some of the best players in the world?

I for example was recommended the Astrox 100ZX when I visited a shop. After doing some research and visiting another shop, I’m also considering the 100ZZ. However I still couldn’t decide to buy a racket, because there’s a voice in my head saying things like “What if it’s too stiff?”, “Pros play with it, this racket is too advanced for you” “you lost your last few games, you’re not good enough, you don’t need and you don’t deserve such a racket”. And it’s not even like I’m a total beginner. My technique is far from perfect and I’m playing really, really low in my country, but I’ve been playing for more than 6 years now. So it’s not like I don’t know anything about this sport. Still I can’t decide which racket to get or even if I should get any new racket at all or maybe just stick to my old no-name racket.

So on the one side, I question if I really need to go for one of the top tier rackets. After all mid tier rackets could have several advantages: Maybe a better performance, less fatigue and injury risk, it’s less expensive and less financial risk if it breaks during doubles. But at the same time, I also feel the “need” to buy one of the mid tier rackets, because no one talks about them and you only read about the top tier ones (in fact, I’ve already bought several high end rackets myself)

So my question is: What is your reason to buy a high end racket?

Is it because you really tested different rackets and came to the conclusion, that this is the best racket for your play style and skill level?

Or is it because you’re fascinated by new technologies and like to try out new stuff?

Is it because pro players use them and people online mainly recommend and talk about the expensive ones? If that’s the case: Do you think that maybe we just settle with a racket, if we feel “comfortable enough” with it, although there may be other, less flashy and prestigious rackets that may be even better for us?

Or because Badminton is your main hobby and something’s that’s important to you and therefore you want to spend big and get the best stuff available? If yes, do you “justify” your racket choice or do you just say “f*ck it, I want this one” :D Like do people buy rackets even if they don’t really “need” them?

I hope you guys understand my question and overall thought process and I’m really interested on your thoughts about this :)