Which racket to buy?

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So I consider myself an intermediate player and nowhere near advanced, yet. I’ve been using the Panda Power Titan since 2018 and it started to have a crack line in the top part of the head so I need to replace it. I’m not an expert in racket specs and is why I’m trying to ask for recommendations here on which racket to buy.

– I’m more of a smasher than a drop/net player. Does that mean I want a head heavy racket?
– I’m not sure about stiffness too. I definitely don’t want a flexible racket but I also don’t want a super stiff racket
– Would a 4U weight be more sensible?

I’ve done a bit of watching in Youtube and came about the Victor Thruster F Enhanced Edition as one of the best rackets one can buy but I think it’s too expensive for my level. Any suggestions?