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In this video we take you through an easy cool off which will aid you recover for your next tennis session or match, and help you remain injury-free! Join our Tennis Understanding neighborhood:

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Many thanks – Greg and also Jenny!.

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What You Should Do After EVERY Badminton Match — 29 Comments

  1. Hello Greg and Jenny, I’m a new badminton player who just started learning the jump smash. I noticed that when you guys and other badminton players do the jump smash, your legs are folded in the air for awhile. Does the folding of legs come naturally or do I need to fold them while jumping? Sometimes I fold them too much and ended up not being able to hit the shuttle well. That is one question I have always had in mind, would appreciate if you can clarify, thank you!! Sorry for the irrelevant question to the video.

  2. I’m always looking out for the weekly releases, highlight of my Sunday :D. Can i make a video request though? I would love it if you guys can make a tutorial on how i can improve my drive game in doubles, the techniques of the drives and when to do them. I would love to be able to incorporate the drive game to my doubles matches. Much love guys! PS: greg at 2:31 😊

  3. @Badminton Insight i have watched them, however i will watch it again! I just have trouble with when to take the shot and when would be a time to play the drive shots. I also would like to learn how people could return the shuttle so close to the top of the net when they play drive shots because i drives are never low enough and it makes it so easy for the opponents to smash the shuttle 😀

  4. Hi Jasper! Yes it generally comes naturally during the jumping motion. Don’t try to force this is it can often take your mind away from the other (more important) technical parts of the shot! Hope that helps 😊

  5. @Badminton Insight Hi Thank you for the reply! Are there any steps in particular that I should take note of in order for my legs to bend naturally in the air? Thanks in advance 😊

  6. Thanks Jenny and Greg for covering this important topic!

    As for an idea for another video, maybe you could tell more about the shuttlecocks themselves. What are the differences between them, which ones are worth buying and which ones aren’t, and how important is it to use the right ones during practice?

  7. Glad you liked the topic – not many others are interested judging by the current views compared to our other videos 😂 Interesting idea – we will add it to our list! For now we would say if possible practice with what you use in matches!

  8. Spotted Greg! Another great video and your AV production is going from strength to strength as the weeks go on. I’m adding these exercises to your weight training and core exercise programmes which I purchased from your website. Thanks for a really enjoyable and well rounded set of training tools.

  9. How shortly after a session/match should one do the stretching for cooling-down? Immediately afterwards or is 20 minutes after the session also still beneficial? Thanks a lot for the Insight!

  10. Hey Greg and Jenny ….. always looking forward to you new release thanks so much for this consistency…. you rock keep going 💪 👏 🙌 👌 and also can I make a request??? Please make a video to improve coordination between partners in doubles. It would be a great help. And also I would love it if you reply. You both are my inspiration ❤

  11. Hello greg jenny thank you for inspiring me to play badminton and all of your video help’s me a lot and I’m improving my badminton skills and you guys help a lot and I watch your video’s and you guys make me smile so thank you so much

  12. Great video! Added it to my playlist so after every badminton session, I can refer to your video on the different cool down exercises! Thanks for the regular upload! The video was short and easy to understand!

  13. Very useful video! Cannot agree more about how important it is to stretch. Thank you very much!

  14. so basically yoga poses 🙂 always do these periodically and really helps esp for back pain…..
    great tips guys

  15. Super Jenny, on the note “if cooling down properly, u still play badminton when u hundred years old”
    Spontaneous dialogue. Good one liked it .. way to go both👍✌

  16. Thanks guys! This is really helpful! I have the massage gun but never thought of using it as a post cooling down routine!

  17. I usually feel stiff waist after playing badminton. I’m really curious if there are recovery for that

  18. I literally forgot the word “cooldown” thanks for reminding me again, and giving great examples 🙏

  19. YES ! I was hoping you’ll do a video about recovery and stretching after a match or training ! So happy ! I can hear everything about stretching in my club : “it’s useless !” , “Do it the day after” bla bla bla … So now I have a video made by pros to prove that is a big deal ! ( just like warm up) Thanks Greg and Jenny ! Can wait to see you next sunday <3

  20. Great information once again guys. I especially like the fact that you included some stretches. I hope that everyone looking at this video adds this to their routine if they don’t do it.

  21. Video on doubles tactics please:

    how to force opponents to play like you want them to: flat game (kamura sonoda style)

    my strength is flat game but often opponents just keep giving high lifts and not letting me get in the flat exchanges

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