Victor Thruster K6000

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I like to give my first review on this racket base of my experience with Voltric ZF and MX London. I always go with 3U racket. First I strung it with the free Victor 880 string (at 29 lbs) then I change it to my favourite ZM 62 (at 27 lbs). For thicker string I always strung it higher than 27 lbs. Nothing special, just a personal taste.
Picking up the K6000, the racquet is not heavy but during swing you can definitely feel the head weight. The flex is noticeable lower compare to ZF and MX London. Victor rate it as medium stiffness.
Sweet spot Larger than the ZF and nearly similar to my MX London. I seldom get a miss hit with this racket. Nearly all shot is spot on and produce a nice sound.

Stroke and clear Preform quite the same as the ZF. Quite easy to perform it due to the head heaviness. Not much difference between the two. Way better than my Arc 10. The medium flex of the K6000 helps a lot here.

Drives This rackets lacks the ability to fast return drives, maybe due to the heavy head and mid flex shaft. it’s harder to bring the racquet head under control and be ready for the next drive coming back to you. The head like to go in one direction and dislike changing direction. Its fine for a slow shuttle, just use your arm and “whip” the racket to get the full power, and you can do this all day and won’t get tired. But in a fast pace game, with a lot of fast drive, this racket really suffer, because you can’t really snap your wrist to get any explosion power from this mid-flex racket. However, when able to drive, shots hits very hard.

Drops: Noting extraordinary here. All rackets were fairly even in this department.

Smashes: This is what I always eager to test. I want to experience the so called catapult structure. My first smash was a huge thrill. Great angle, medium flex, huge sweet spot, came with a bang. I can feel a slight air resistance at the frame compare to ZF. Well not a huge surprise since the ZF has a thinner frame. The slight air resistance make my timing just right.

The most noticeable feel of the catapult effect is during my full power jumping smash. The angle is steep. I can feel it more powerful compare to the MX London and slightly more than the ZF. The speed of the shuttle and power are a lot more obvious. It’s thunderous when you smash with the K6000 but like the ZF, the shaft become slightly unstable after a strong smash. I can definitely feel the vibration. Thank goodness I never snap my string.

Defence: Slower in comparisons with the ZF and about the same as the MX London. My Ashaway XW1000 is the fastest here. It really obvious in a fast game (double). You feel very slow to respond if your opponent is able to block your smash. The VZF is very responsive in comparison to the K6000. Need more practise on the reflect here

K8000 is a huge offense boost compared to the MX London if you’re into more power and smashes but not the ZF. It’s very addictive to hammer out shots and have the shuttle fly. I recommend that you try to stick with the racquet for a while as it takes times to adjust and play to its strengths.