Victor Drivex 9X vs Auraspeed 100x

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Hi all,
I hope someone out here can help me out a bit.
I used to play with a 4U Yonex 88D Pro, but wasn’t overly satisfied as it felt a bit slow (and it overextended my wrist), so I sold it.
I bought a Victor Thruster F Claw (albeit a bit by mistake), but this one is very comperable to the 88D pro and have the same problem with being slow.
I have looked at the Thruster F enhanced edition (which I would like to try out – but it is impossible to get hold of in Denmark at the moment).
As such I would like to get some input on Victors Drivex 9x and Auraspeed 100x.

I play doubles and mix, and rotate round. I prefer fast reaction shots, and rather steep cut smashes (I am not a power smasher). My control is okay, but not something I rely overly on (by which I mean, I don’t have many slices and cuts as such).

I have seen some reviews of the AS 100x and fear it might lack some power. But haven’t seen much on the Drivex 9X.

Any help would be appreciated!