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The 6 BEST Return Of Serves In Singles — 33 Comments

  1. Thanks for the video… I have also come across this type of serves but most probably some serves I can’t return but most of the serves can return but with tis video I can return any type of serve 100 percent…👍👍 As being an advanced player it is sometimes difficult in some serves n return…

  2. Hello Greg and Jenny
    Can you pls make a video on types of footwork in backhand rear court
    It will be very helpful for many people 😃

  3. WOW you analysed over 1000 returns for this video!! This dedication to every video is why you are the best badminton channel out there!!

  4. Thank you so much, this would help a lot, i really enjoyed it.
    could you please make a video on how to hit a cross court smash and forehand low serve please. it would help a lot.

  5. very very useful for me.. we play singles. mostly male players do backhand low serve. but here when i play, i mostly do backhand low serve. but 90% of other players do high serve even in singles. from now, i have learnt some amazing high serve returns in singles. thank you so so much greg and jenny.

  6. As an amateur single player, i can confirm that your analytics are so accurate 😂 especially the one where you do not smash when your opponent does a flick serve. Thank you for putting a summary about this, as i usually learn by experience without knowing exactly what return should i play for single.

  7. Thanks for this video it’s really helpful! I bought your multifeed programmes a few months back and have been doing one once a weak and they have really helped me! If anyone reading this is considering getting them I would recommend it – even just for an extra ‘insight’ in what training might help you!

  8. Thank you very much – these stats are very interesting, I don’t know why bwf doesn’t track stats like NBA or Tennis do – that would only push badminton to new heights, when we know what sort of shots are the most effective. In consequence we could teach the game in the most effective way (what shots have the highest probability of winning etc.)

  9. looking forward to a singles video on singles exercises and controlling smashes nd shots

  10. Hi Greg and Jenny ! Thank you for this video about single return ! One of my bad habit is to lift/clear every opponent’s serve. When they notice that, they stand a little further at the back after their serve and take the iniative to attack… I’ll try to play more at the net next time ! Thanks for your dedication, you rock. Love <3

  11. another great topic covered!!
    thank you guys.. keep up the good work

  12. Great content as always, thanks!
    I am struggling with hitting the good, long clear – is it more about power or rather technique? Any insight about that shot? 😉

  13. ​@Badminton Insight What surprised you the most? Lack of smash in men’s singles with long serve? That’s probably due to receivers being more focused on short serve, so they are backtracking most of the time….

  14. @Jędrzej Yeah, and also that even though the % of low serves between men/women were really different, they had almost the EXACT same split of lift/net/deception! (only 1-2% difference!!)

  15. It’s so great that you don’t just put out any informed opinion on the return, but you actually back it up with analysis. This makes it soo much more convincing, thank you !

  16. This video was super helpful and I can’t wait to test it. It got me thinking on the purpose of doing a low vs. high serve in singles. I usually go with low serves and a few high serves but I am not sure it is the best way to go for my strenghts and weaknesses! A video on that subject would be great! 😉

  17. Thanks for the analytics! I never knew that a return smash after a serve is a low percentage shot.

  18. You should be given an honorary Ph.D. in sports very soon! ☺ Your dedication to the video is really commendable.