Some racquets more suitable for pros than others?


Does anyone think of Pro Players also need a racket that fit ?

Ginting is the best when using 88d
Momota is the best when using 99 orange
Thruster Ryuga for Lee Zii Jia in All England 2022
Tai Tzu Ying with Victor THRUSTER TK-F
Kevin with 88s 2018
Watanabe and Zheng Siwei with 9000C
Viktor and Yamaguchi suddenly emerge and dominate as changing to 100zz Kurenai ???

And of course, Nishimoto played well when turning from Yonex to Mizuno.
I mean that, there is no bad racket or bad brand but a racket that FIT to “people”/players.

Did you think that Pro Player lose their form partly because they change their racquets ? (sponsors force them to change their racquets)