Show us your badminton shoes!

Guys, bring out your shoes and upload their pictures here. I guess, it will be very interesting to see other brands of shoes, other than yonex here.
Remember to give your reviews! Dont be afraid if your pair is a pair of low-end shoes, they are shoes as well.Any brands, Any badminton shoes. Come On! Bring them out!

Well, here is my shoe.

Model: Yonex SHB100LTD (first generation)
Soles: Stock Insoles from Yonex
Support: Proace heel cups
Laces: Changed to black (don’t want it to be too common)

Review: I had this SHB100LTD for about 8hrs of play. Guess i am not used to it yet. The 99LTD that i had feels more snug, and more flexible. This 100LTD is abit stiffer, but its my current shoe now. But the round sole of the 100LTD is great. Will play with it more, and give a better review.:)