short questions thread

Short questions thread

Anything the pros do is fine.

There are three possibilities in the FH corner. Flat where they cut it out. Really high so they get behind it. And late, low and behind them.

You are referring to two of the three scenarios.. Flat where they cut it out. compared with Late, low and behind them.

And the footwork isn’t exactly the same for them even if you put aside any jump..

To the question of whether they are on the floor or not when they hit it.

For the late one there would be a little jump like movement but their feet would stay on the floor. So it wouldn’t be what one would normally consider to be a jump. They wouldn’t take it in the air.

For the flat one they would jump diagonally back to cut it out , taking with feet off the floor, and taking it when the shuttle is higher in the air and not as far towards the back of the court, than it would be if they were to try to take it further towards the back of the court. And also it’s easier to recover to the middle when they are not pushed as far out.

I’ll attempt to find two examples and I may be wrong ‘cos I haven’t seen and analysed enough games .. i’m welcome to being corrected.

but looking at Chen Long, the guy in the red on the near side..

The first pic is him doing a late Forehand corner shot.

The second pic is him doing an earlier one where he cuts it out.

There are degrees of things.. So there might be examples with a greater degree of late forehand or greater degree of cutting it out. (maybe those examples are a low degree of each).. but you see the two cases and the difference re whether his feet are off the floor or not when he hits it.. and the difference in height of the shuttle..



If you watch the second one full screen in slow motion (settings 0.25x), ,you will see his feet are off the floor when he hits it There’s no way his front foot would land before his back foot. And the camera clearly shows his back foot. Looking at his back foot, He hits it then the front of his back foot lands, then the rest of his back foot lands..

If you want a blatant example of in the air cutting it out where you don’t need a magnifying glass , look at Viktor Axelson here. A normal person might have had to take it late!