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SF | MD | GIDEON/SUKAMULJO (INA) [1] vs. LI/LIU (CHN) [3] | BWF 2019 — 56 Comments

  1. China ini ga belajar dari pengalaman. “Jangan pernah tengelin kevin kalo mau selamat”πŸ˜€

  2. haha. i really love the MINIONS style, particularly Kenvin, he is very excilent player, Speed is the advantage of him

  3. After 11 meetings Chinese player never learn this lesson:
    Do not provoke kevin. Or he will provoke you more, plus he will summons his lightning speed mode

  4. Sekarang saya tau knp kevin suka tengil sama musuhnya walaupun kalah di set pertama,karna dengan ketengilan kevin musuh jd terpancing emosinya,,🀣

  5. Kalau minions udah main sm duo tiang listrik ini pasti dalam hati gelud.. Gelud.. Gelud.. Kami butuh drama vin.. Nitijen butuh hiburan.. Kevin makin tengil makin bagus main nya.. Good job buat koh sinyo..kevin..

  6. 49:44 li start yelling on kevin miss the return.
    49:52 kevin accept the challenge.
    50:36 kevin revenge
    50:59 double revenge lol

  7. Klo koh sinyo dah tajam tatapan Matanya sm tengilny Kevin keluar…hati2 dah lawan…bkl onfire koh sinyo Dan teriak “VIN”(KEVIN) Dan beraksilah Kevin…bahagia sy klo liat coach naga api

  8. 35:12 I agree with _Clark_ “Li Junhui just swiped at everything, don’t try to beat their speed with more speed” These minions are insanely fast.

  9. Aloot of ppl complain about kevs atittude but none talk about how li also start it 🀣🀣🀣 even being hated blah blah he still winning the game 🀣🀣🀣

  10. Which part? At 32min when Kevin first start to deliberately miss swing? Lol

    But it’s entertaining to watch them get in each others face

  11. 49:52 I think Kevin feel intimidated… While saying ” Ok… This time no more mercy…. and I meant it” so… The Revenge begin…and here we go again man..

  12. @nlsquare is missing the swing now called as provoke act? I mean kevin always do tht. Li yell at kevin at 49:44 if im not mistaken, if its entertaining for you i guess its not a complain to my comment.

  13. @Idaham Affatsum you know nothing…your opinions here just show how lowest your intellectual quality

  14. This is not just badminton, it’s about kung-fu fighting..
    Spirit, skill, power, speed and mind. Gg gg..

  15. shidqon choyri justru kevin akan tengil kalo lawan nya udah mancing mulai duluan.. kevin ngga akan provokasi klo lawannya ngga mulai duluan.. kalo lawannya mulai duluan kevin akan bales lebih

  16. @Idaham Affatsum tour word ranking : 1 you :deffinetely sucks also dude? Yknow you cant even beat him ever

  17. we cant deny the fact that kevin is a great player and won a lot of games, but also people dont judge kevin base on this game or one game, he has shown poor sportsmanship throughout his career. In all the matches i had watched, not a single player in the sport of badminton had shown this type of poor sportsmanship, period

  18. Mungkin maksudnya kalau Minion dah ditakdirin menang ya pasti menang walau tanpa tengil pun, kalau Kevin tengil tapi dah ditakdirkan kalah ya pasti kalah

  19. “Ayo coba lagi yok”

    Emg kesannya cuman gitu doang, tapi efeknya gede bgt kena mental. Pemilihan kata yg baik buat Herry IP, salut

  20. @ted luke Oh darling, if you think that just poor sportmanship. What do you think about that Chinese player? They provoke each other here
    I think it’s because they are like nemesis they beef each other they provoke each other that’s just a normal mind game
    If you don’t want to watch that kinda beef, i suggest you watch another type of sport game. Maybe athletics? Or how about chess game, that should do i guess 😊

  21. 48:03 Best moment duo tower vs duo minion 😣
    49:38 li smile πŸ˜‚

    I missed meeting them in finals, because they played fast with each other, doing mental tests using body language from Li and Kevin. But they do it when they play, when off the pitch they are actually friends πŸ˜πŸ‘

  22. Kevin walaupun kelihatan cuek setiap mendengar arahan pelatih, tetapi sebenarnya dia selalu bermain sesuai arahan pelatih

  23. itu pemain china nunjukin gestur yang ngatain kevin pendek terus diinjek injek, ada fancam nya yang dapet videonya, itu sebabnya kevin tengil in balik

  24. @Damar Fadlan udah lama ya haha .. ga terlalu suka nonton minions lagi sih, apalg Indo ga ikutan denmark open 2020, nih lagi di 3 leg asian awal tahun Minions ga ikutan gara2 Kevin kena Covid. Kesel jg tapi mo gimana lagi, Denmark Open 2020 ga ikutan krn PBSI nya takut pemain kena covid. Eh belum berangkat ke Thailand Open, Kevin kena juga di dalam negeri. Hadeeeh..Tapi tetap fans Minions kok, btw sy lagi suka nonton ulangan pertandingan dari LYD dan JJS dan FH dan CY, itu bukan Indo bangetlah mainnya terutama yg korea punya. Fisik bagus, defense ajib, skill keren, attack mantap Jiwa. Indo lebih mengutamakan short rally, alias gampang mati krn defense kurang mumpuni lebih mengutamakan attack. itu menurut saya.

  25. Tp saya lebih suka kepin gelud tawa²an sama pemain malaysia yg goh/tan 🀣🀣 sama2 tegil tp malaysia sering nggk beruntung tengilnya wkwkw jd ngakak

  26. @Chongmin Wang he talks about chinese players that have been met for 11 times. why did you bring the japanese one’s? guess china men’s doubles have nothing to excel at.

  27. Kentara sinyo….klo main bagus n semangat passs ngetosss sm kevin pasti kerass

  28. @Chongmin Wang The next target is Japanese players, let’s test their mentality πŸ˜‚ (psywar mode kevin πŸ”₯πŸ˜…)
    Can’t wait to see coaches & staff work hard to get Kevin & Marcus back fit.

    See u in Tokyo πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  29. @Chongmin Wang

    FYI : Japan uses a coach from Indonesia named (Rionny Mainaky) for men’s doubles, that’s why they got talented young players !!!
    Even India & Malaysia also often use coaches from Indonesia too.

  30. Bukan hanya emosinya yang terpancing tapi mental mereka juga terganggu πŸ˜‚

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