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Rio Replay: Badminton Mixed Doubles Gold Medal Match — 99 Comments

  1. it is just awesome how the supporter chants from Indonesia echoing in the stadium. and once again, IN-DO-NE-SIA!!!

  2. Congrats guys I am from Philippines but I’m proud to the Indonesian duel. Thanks.

  3. so many times i watched Liliana Natsir played, she was unbelievable and deserved to won her Gold medal at Rio, she worked so hard and won every major tournament except Uber Cup and Sudirman cup.

  4. Chan has been struggling with his service for long time. Imagine he’d fix that & be a lil bit better, this Malaysian pair could be on world’s top five.. Goh is a good play maker but too bad got injury for long time also.

    Anyway congrats for both pairs.
    What a comeback by Ahmad/Natsir after their failure in OG London 2012. They didn’t do well lately, but manage to win gold medal. Credit to Natsir who was in top 4 in 3 Olympic Games consecutively. Silver medal in Beijing, Semifinalist in London and now gold in Rio. She’s a Wonder Woman ๐Ÿ‘

  5. Amru Asbaron yes..sure fans or supporter of indonesian so amazing..n make strongers

  6. bangga jadi warga negara indonesia semoga di tokyo 2020 dapat mendali emas lagi amin ๐Ÿ˜‡


  8. Think we have a good chance to win 2 gold medals in Tokyo 2020 as our men doubles are pretty good right now.

  9. Rii Kean you recorded liliana’s highest achievements almost completely..thank you so much.. as indonesian..i am proud of liliana natsir and tontowi ahmad

  10. may be Gail remambered when final WBC 2013 XuCen Majin celebrate too early when poin 20 -18 , but the winner is owi Butet score 22 – 20๐Ÿ˜€

  11. Kalo bisa milih lebih baik jadi atlit berprestasi drpd jadi artis terkenal๐Ÿ˜ข

  12. Our WD players, Greysia Polii maybe having the worst serve among all top player. But, still she won Asian Games gold medal 2014, and some other tournament.

    How can she do that? Well, she manage it by harnessing the other skill with very much effort, having a very mature placing compare to others.

    And yeah, she did plenty flick serve to cover up her deficiency in her serve.

  13. sejak kemenangan ini dan dpt bonus 2 milyar ku dah brp kali nontn…tontowi dr kecamatan SUMPIUH – BANYUMAS… tetangga kecamatan

  14. @Mr eLFire Still, despite that, she had won every major tournaments available in her times (excluding the recent China Open S1000, AG itself, and BWF Mixed Team Events)

  15. We will take take Gold Medal for Men Doubles, but not really sure for Mixed Doubles… Praven/Melati is rising now anw

  16. Tiga hal terbaik dari pertandibgan ini:
    -senyuman Goh Liu Ying
    -Owi diomelin Butet
    -Indonesia dapat emas

  17. Tantowi hrs kmbali k nol lg, krn butet udh pensiun. Mudah2 an semangt dan ttp lbh baik lg !!

  18. tdk akan yg bisa menggantikan sang BUTET Lyliana Natsir…dia legend dan pemain paling legendaris…

  19. Jadi atlet berprestasi butuh waktu puluhan tahun, kalau jdi artis terkenal cukup dgn keberanian buka dada dan buka selangkangan

  20. Uber and sudirman cup are team championship…

    So, those need many great players at the same time…

  21. Gilas is the pride of south east asia in world stage. But badminton is the Asian pride.. Respect both

  22. @Dr-Pepper Don’t say like that too many comeback in badminton even they have been far behind ,Tai Tzu Ying ever get a comeback by Lindaweni Fanetri when she had won first set 21-14 and already 20-14 at second stage but Lindaweni comeback by get 8 straight point to 22-20 and win at third set 21-12 in Badminton World Championship .Marin also get the same when she faced Intanon she had 18-11 at third set but suddenly Intanon get the last 10 point to seal victory 21-18

  23. @Rizal DieRoten kapalo apak ang malaysia dulu pantek emosi lo den dek paja ko

  24. @Rizal DieRoten randang lah ang klaim lo pantek randang tu dari minang (sumatra barat) lai jaleh deang

  25. Christian Wijaya even butet said this to owi around 5:51 “fokus, ga boleh sombong” losing focus could cost you your victory.

  26. Di sektor ganda campuran yg menjadi tumpuan Praveen/melati smg bisa jaga konsistensisasi

  27. @ari aziz sok tau awokawok makannya jangan kurang update.. gausah ngeles deh.. namanya iri ya tetap iri ๐Ÿ˜‚

  28. @ilylily Channel haha yelah iri dgn negara yg pencapaian tak seberapa… Overproud tuk pencapaian yg sedikit๐Ÿ˜†… Baik aku cemburu dgn Korea utara atau new zealand๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿคฃ

  29. @ilylily Channel sepatutnya kau yg org indo asli ptt update… Selama ni yg naikkan nama indo kebanyakan dari kaum pendatang… Bkn pribumi asli… Tolonglah utilize penduduk pribumi korang yg beratus juta tu๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜†

  30. @Fachri Reza gak bakal batal tahun ini, doain aja semoga menang lagi di tahun 2020 Tokyo

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