[Review] Lining Tectonic 7 Drive

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Decided to write a review after 1 week with Tectonic 7 Drive
I play 2-3 hours a week so I have around 20 hours of play time on this racket.

My current racket as of writing this review
2X Victor Auraspeed 100X (both in claim procedure)
Lining Calibar X Boost
Lining Calibar X Drive
Lining Tectonic 7 Drive
Victor Auraspeed Hypersonic (Just got it today, will write a review after 1 week of use)

My play style is kinda all round, preferred flat and fast exchange more than lifts. on mixed doubles I’m a rear court player and operate in Mid-Front court when I play males double.

Initial Impression (How it felt holding and swinging)
Weight : While holding it felt medium, not light and not heavy. Swinging felt light but not as light as 100X.
Shaft: Medium-Stiff, felt more on the stiffer side and felt shorter (it’s 5mm shorter than normal racket)
Aesthetic: Racket look nice and good paint job as always by Lining.

Drives (8/10)
This racket can generate super good powerful drives. On swing and impact, you can feel the shaft action which help generate more power on your drives. However, this racket is not as light as you think on fast and flat drives. Due to head heavy specs, sometime you will feel sluggish on fast drives in front court compared to 100X and Jnice Black panther. But mid court drive, this thing is a beast. Super satisfying drives. The only racket that edge 7D in mid court drive is 100X but that’s my preference.

Smash (7/10)
This racket smash felt exactly like 88S pro but more flexible shaft and less vibration. With 5mm shorter some might need time to adjust to the timing since the air speed is pretty fast (as fast as 88S pro). I need around 2 hours to adjust and the outcome is kinda meh I think. Smash is not this racket strong suit but you won’t get tired easily smashing with this racket. Smashing power is good enough to put pressure on opponent but won’t win you easy points. This only thing I can think off smashing with this racket is 88S pro.

Drop shots and net play (8.5/10)
This racket is really stable and easy to control. Net shot is super easy execute since the racket is head heavy. Drop shots are easy both reverse and normal slice. Nothing to complain about. Deception is easy to pull off but not as good as lighter rackets but good enough to get you through.

Defense (8.5/10)
What makes this racket great in defense is the shaft. This racket shaft really helps you generate amazing power on flicks and with shorter shaft you will feel that it is easier to defend body shots. I can be able to execute a power flat drive back to the smashers sometimes before he/she landed after smash, super satisfying lel.

Ease of Play (10/10)
Clears are “effortless” is my first thought warming up with this racket. Fast airspeed and slight head heaviness makes the shuttle goes a long way. This racket is suitable for beginners or anyone looking for a well balanced racket, that’s my thought.

I would say this racket is a jack of all trades. This racket is good at everything but not “great” in anything. This racket is a well balanced and all-round racket that will do everything you want well (maybe not smash). This racket is beginner friendly and any player who wanted racket that a tad bit head heavy and easy to play, this is it. The price is quite high since it on the upper end of Lining racket.