[Review] Felet Woven TJ Power 4U

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[Review] Felet Woven TJ Power 4U
Every month I try to get my hand on a new or interesting “Speed” type racket to try out. This month is Felet Woven TJ Power 4U. I know Felet was around for awhile now and BRR have been reviewing some of it’s top-end racket. Recently, they signed Bussanan. So the signing got my interest and got me looking into the brand. Felet Woven TJ Power 4U pops out for me. Racket looks super good in the picture and is used by Goh V Shem and 42Lbs max tension lol. Because Felet Thailand still doesn’t have a top-end Felet racket so I ordered it from Malaysia. I will now change from point system to ranking system in the performance category to make it easier to understand. Keep this in mind that the ranking will differ on how you play.

Shaft Flexibility Stiff Flex
Weight 4U (82 Grams)
Length 675mm
Balance Point : 295 mm (2+/-)
Swingweight : 83 Kg
String : Yonex BG 66 Force 27Lbs (Victor VBS 66 nano stocks ran out for all shop in my area)

First Impression
This is hands down one of the best-looking racket I have ever held. Paint and decal looks very good and the design really suits my taste. Weight on hand is great, not too light and not too heavy for me (86.0 grams with string and original grip). Swinging felt light and shaft felt stiff but not plank stiff. Would say the shaft is 5-10% stiffer than my Hyper Sonic. The frame is aerodynamic but the thickness is thicker than Hypersonic but not by much.

This racket is super good in drive situations. Mid court drive is as good as any other racket I’ve tried. The repulsion I get from shaft and racket head is not as good as hypersonic and 100X but the control and direction I can get from TJ is better. I do get the best trajectory on back-court and back-hand drives from this racket. The level of drive control I get from this racket is top-tier. I felt like the Korean badminton player in Badminton Ham youtube video using this racket to drive. Because the shaft is stiff, you need atad more wrist action than other more flex shaft but that doesn’t really bother me, 5-10 min and we good to go.

Due to low swing weight, the amount of effort you put into clears are minimal. On-balance clears are “effortless” for both back-hand and fore-hand. The racket head is not lightning quick but it’s still fast so I don’t really need adjustment changing from HS to TJ. Off-centered hits are a bit punishing due to the slightly stiff shaft and frame. You don’t really feel a lot of vibration from mishits but the result is half court clear.

Smash is decent with this racket. I did not expect a V Shem smash anyway. The jump smash is good enough to apply pressure and got for kills. Half smash and stick smash is where it’s at with this racket. I can generate good half smash speed with this racket. The feeling is between “hollow” and “solid” so not bad.

This racket control is amazing, not as good as Arc 11 pro though but I felt that I can get better power and directional control than hypersonic,100X and Blade X 800. Dropshots and reverse slice is a joy, but I do occasionally sent fliers but that’s to be expected of “speed” racket. Out of every “speed” racket I’ve tried so far, this racket is top 3 in control.

Net play
Don’t know if it’s the material used in the frame. The racket is very stable. Netting is good. Nothing much to say.

It ok, Because the shaft does not help that much. Lift defense is a nightmare if you don’t really have much room to generate power. So I stop lifting. Block and drive defence is good since the overall weight of the racket is light.

Overall this is a very good “speed” racket. The main benefits of this racket is the fact that the maximum tension is 42lbs. Normally mainstream brand stated their maximum tension around 27-28 Lbs for this type of racket. This racket is strong, I tried to compress it with my hand and the frame doesn’t flex which is a good sign. After stringing it 27 lbs there are no visible frame flex at all. This racket comes with a hefty price tag for me since I ordered from oversea. But for it’s price, the technology and material used in this racket is very reasonable. It’s a very good racket.

Speed Racket Ranking

Smash : 90K > 100X > HS > Woven TJ Power > Blade X 800 > JS12ii > BS11R > NF700 > 90S > BS12

Drive : 100X > Blade X 800 > HS > Woven TJ Power > 90K > JS12ii > 90S > NF700 > BS12 > BS11R

Defense : HS > Blade X 800 > JS12ii > 100X > 90S > NF700 > BS12 > Woven TJ Power > 90K > BS11R

Control : 90K > Woven TJ Power > 100X > Blade X 800 > HS > JS12ii > NF700 > 90S > BS12 > BS11R