repaired yonex rackets mp99 at900t arc11 ns9900 vldf uk europe

Repaired Yonex rackets MP99, AT900T, ARC11, NS9900, VLDF (UK/Europe)


I have some Yonex classic rackets for sale that have had single frame repairs.

Voltric Lin Dan Force 3uG4 UK code, strung
Arcsabre 11 3uG4 UK code, unstrung
Muscle Power 99 UK code, unstrung
Armortec 900 Technique 4UG4 UK code, strung
Nanospeed 9900 3uG4 SP code, unstrung

I’m selling the rackets for £25 each or would sell multiple for a discount.

UK postage is £8 for upto 3 rackets.

I can send photos to interested buyers.