Recommendations new Clamp Base for ProsPro Drop Weight Machine

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Hi guys,

I´ve been reading and learning a lot on these forums for the last few years, so I thought I gave a problem I´ve had a shot on here.
I think the title says it all.

Some years ago I´ve purchased a ProsPro Pioneer 1, and strung well over a 100 rackets with it.
As the time went on the Clamp Base got worse and worse, to the point where getting the clamps to hold is almost impossible.
We´ve tried adjusting the base but that didn´t help either. I suppose it´s not helping that some part of the mechanism is pretty rusty.

So long story short: I am looking for a good replacement, thats somewhat affordable. I´ve read some good things about semi-automatic clamp base systems on these forums. So if there is an option that would fit my machine I would be happy to look into that.

Also something that can be shipped to / from Europe would be great.