Racket Upgrade: Jetspeed JS 12M => Thruster F Enhanced Edition?

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I went from JS12 OG to TKFE. I was in love with my JS12. Definitely enjoyed it immensely. Honestly I am a little sad I sold them.

I agree with the first response. It’s only an upgrade if you are changing your play style. I loved the manouverability or my JS12 in the fast paced double. Also enjoyed the quick stick smashes you can send out on a punch.

However, I went from a majority mid-front court player to a back court player. Tkfe for me was an upgrade. Helped me in many ways. Obviously I don’t get back court 100% of the time. So there is times between rallies where I literally tell myself “man I had that shot if it was my JS12” lol.

All in all it’s a good racket and good experience, there is no all-rounder that accels in everything. I wish I could whip out my JS12 during club sometimes to play. Just for the nostalgia. But I liked the OG. Never enjoyed the JS12 II or JS12M.