racket feels different and a lot of mishits feel or vibrations after heavy usage for 2 years

Racket “feels” different and a lot of “mishits feel” or “vibrations” after heavy usage for 2 years

Hello BC forums,

I wonder if anyone ever experienced having a racket that “feels” different and a lot of mishits (from usually easy shots) after heavily/very often use the racket for 2 years?

I’ve been using one of my yy carbonex for 2 years, in total at least experiencing more than 100 hours of exact match (doubles). The racket has been restring for 4 times, and one day I played with it and I felt that the “feel” when the shuttle hits the string is already strange (a lot of vibrations,,, similar to a feeling when I mishit), and it occurs even when I just do a basic stroke like high-lifting the shuttle from the net or high clear.

I don’t know, perhaps the carbon material inside the frame already deformed? And I did not see any cracks in the racket (of course there is some paint chips here and there), and it can still hold 27 lbs with yy bg66.

Any folks ever experience the same? I tried to search this kind of thread in bc forum but I haven’t found it.

Thanks and Happy Badminton!