question about full swing badmintons wrist and what he is saying 7

question about “full swing badminton”‘s wrist and what he is saying?

I’m watching

[embedded content]

around 4:50 onwards.

If you look at this screenshot, would you agree he has the wrist bent back


Then at 5:00 he has his wrist straight and has rotated his arm (forearm and upper arm).. doing arm rotation.. nothing unusual there with arm rotation


All agree that one should do arm rotation on an overhead so no question there.

Now from those screenshots, I wouldn’t say he necessarily thinks that the wrist should be bent back and then straightened when hitting, on an overhead ‘cos he’s very near the net there. (so the fact that he bends it back there doesn’t necessarily mean he thinks one should on a smash).

But then he says “Smash is the same”.

Now, we agree he’s going to use arm rotation on the smash, i’m not asking about that. But the question is, does he mean also the wrist bending back then straightening?

Here it looks like he has bent his wrist back


And straightened it when hitting it


On this one though he might not have bent his wrist back he might have only rotated his arm


Then he say there’s no bending of the wrist


And he demonstrates what means by bending of the wrist , such that when he says not to bend the wrist this is the bending he means


We can agree not to bend it forward past neutral and that he is saying not to bend it forward past neutral.

But it’s not clear to me whether he thinks one should bend the wrist back or not.

And i’m interested in confirmation that in those demonstrations I show him doin in the screenshots, he is indeed bending the wrist back.

i’m not sure if he is aware of it though ‘cos he’s saying not to bend the wrist though maybe he just means don’t bend it forwards..

or maybe he’s bending it back ‘cos he’s so near the net and given that his racket is so low, he’s actually unintentionally doing more of a net kill.

He’s saying not to bend the wrist though i’m not sure he really means that maybe he only means not to bend it past neutral.

i’m aware there are differences of opinion on whether the wrist bends back and then to neutral.. or whether it stays neutral. And there can be different methods. And i’m pretty sure I can do either. My technique is ok..

I’m just wondering a bit about what he is or isn’t intending to say in that regard, and what he’s doing in that regard,.. and what he would say/do if asked. On the question of wrist bending back and then to neutral.