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PV Sindhu plays with young badminton enthusiasts in Delhi| #JBC #JuniorBadmintonChampionship — 75 Comments

  1. I am sure she is hating the dress while playing.. man she is tall and her smile is very beautiful

  2. We Indians feel very proud when our daughter’s win medal’s for us in international level😍🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳👌👌👌

  3. Just losing to young player is a way of encouragement to them… That should be the spirit of a true sportsmanship….

  4. @Nice Guy999 no no,India India! After World Gold,no more South India, only India!😛

  5. Did anyone notice what happened at 2:13 to 2:15 😅 ?

    She pulled out her hand coz he was holding her tightly..

  6. Hmko PTA tha, tere jaisa ek chutiya ayega jo, external appearance se Insan ka humbleness Jan jata hai, chutiya.

  7. To,
    All Shameless budhha, old hypocritic and conservative indian parents.

    Yes, only at international level we feel proud of our daughter, but, at house level and rural level, we scold her arrogantly by suppressing her freedom and emotion and illogicaly think of our social prestige only.
    Regards: A 2000s teen.

  8. At young age it’s excitement.
    At teen age it’s –

    Cmon we all know she won’t shake hands with a teen lol

  9. @Anonymous Anonymous love is different.

    Love – care
    Like – appreciation and respect
    Lust – ….

  10. @Consumed by RAGE
    Just shows your thinking

    It’s just a handshake… Exaggerate something else

  11. @Alone calm your horses bruh!
    You ain’t know anything about me yet.
    It’s just a joke don’t act high and might here.

  12. @sai kishore nah nah there are many people in india who deserve atleast recognition if not money and coming to her though she’s not just another athlete but she accepted the gifts and now too meeting politicians after years it’s all an inside job

  13. @sai kishore Yes very fishy
    One title a year and she earns crores Really fishy and some inside job
    Lacs of players inspite being genuine are struggling out in sports and no one to help them
    And who controls media Leflist and Chorgres

  14. She won silver becox she was lucky
    Always luck does not helps
    There are many players who do great hard work still looses becox there is not that lady Luck

  15. @Anushka Singh there are only 800000 police force to protect 121 cr population , police can’t be everywhere and don’t blame others for your problem. Women should start protecting themselves

  16. @Krishna Shankar you are blaming sindu for earning crores and meeting politicians. Then you have to blame every cricter in india like dhoni, kohli, sachin they too earn crores and meet politicians. Atleast sindu brought silver to india in Olympics where there is a competition around 206 contries. What are cricketers did to our nation. They just brought a world cup among 14 countries.

  17. @Anuradha Rawat nope its the shoes, not enough traction for her to be able to move on wood!

  18. WTF.. what kind of professional player would go full power on a 10 year old kid 😂

  19. @JIBIN beautiful doesn’t mean only the face value or face beauty, beauty can be define in many ways.

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