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Professional Badminton Players vs Amateurs… in Asia! — 31 Comments

  1. We had a lot of fun filming this one, we hope you enjoyed it too! 😆🇹🇭 And some exciting news… after months of testing to make sure it was the best quality possible, we have launched our first piece of merch! Check out our new Badminton Insight Bottle here – https://www.trmesports.com/products/badminton-insight-bottle thank you in advance to anyone who makes a purchase ☺️ We’ll actually be at the TRME warehouse today (the day this video goes live) to help package up the first orders, so if you make a purchase today keep an eye out for a note from us in your parcel! 👀😜

  2. A great video from you both again ! Really encouraging for badminton enthusiasts to get a chance with play with professionals like you 👏! Ordered the badminton insight bottle !

  3. It is really fun to see how good you really are when comparing to amateurs. Good video as always!

  4. Great video edit, more stimulating and less dead pauses, more fun transitions

    I see your videos are getting better, keep up the good work!

  5. The adjustment the Chinese pair made 🤯

    Interesting video as always guys, keep it up 👍🏼

  6. What a brilliant way to spend the rest of your time off and make a great vlog episode too. Reassuring to know that you lost to the world champs who went on to beat everyone else. Well done! Now… where do I order that bottle…. I’m sure it’s guaranteed to improve my net shots 😉

  7. just ordered, hope all fellow patreons will do so, too 🙂 so you get real tired packing today 🙂

  8. i really enjoy your videos i love the fact that you interact with your fans as much as you can and take every opportunity you have to really spread badminton even in places where its super popular already thank you for your hard work.

  9. Can I just say – you guys are the best, I love your videos and your both amazing players but the way you teach is exceptional – keep it up and thanks for making these

  10. Love the interaction with other players. I think this will be a good series to do if time permits your tours.

  11. As a Thai, I’m so glad to this. Technology helps connecting people across the globe 😊

  12. I’m glad you had some leisure time :). LOVE seeing you mixing with the locals 💕🏸!
    Looks like the racquet bag must come along to our next Koh Samui escape

  13. Ace video – highlights the difference in level between pro and amateur, but in a fun informative way. You guys are great 👍🙂🏸

  14. Awesome video! As an amateur badminton player I felt like I was there and connected with you guys. Great job!

  15. Wow. You might be packing mine as I write. Keeps hot things hot and cold things cold, eh? Great! I can take a cup of coffee and a choc ice to my next training session! 😉

  16. Seeing your lifts and your hard drives always makes me jealous. So trying to improve on that, but my progess is slow 😛 I actually think i need some more strength in my wrist and arm. Keep it up!!

  17. Wonderful to see you two get to mingle and enjoy some down time with the local lads; Jenny is a very good female badminton player and I am sure she is more than capable of playing WD also.

  18. Thanks Desmond! 😃 haha yes I used to play womens doubles but just playing mixed right now 🙂

  19. Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed the video 😃 and we’d definitely recommend it – it was such a nice club with lovely people!

  20. Love to see you connecting with ordinary players! You could do a world tour hosted by your fans round the globe! Next stop Melbourne please 🙏😅

  21. It really touches me how you guys love to share badminton to it’s fans in the most endearing of ways.

  22. Love it. Feel like I was there with you both. Thank you for sharing 🏸🇬🇧

  23. Love this video where u guys play against the local.. Reaching out to community… Another great video….

  24. @Badminton Insight Hope to see you in Malaysia Open and do this activity here. 🙂

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