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Perfect Low Serve, Tips and Tricks, Badminton — 28 Comments

  1. From which part of badminton we should contact the birdie during serve, means upper or middle or from near the upper/ side frame?

  2. Tricky to explain, i believe the video shows it better than wordsπŸ™ƒ

  3. Hello, Thank you for the tips. Could you also re upload the video on the spin service of Kevin. Thank you

  4. Question: Low Serve Direction (MD)
    When serving from the right side, I sometimes change the shuttle direction and the racket direction one second before pushing the racket forward.
    This causes shuttle to go towards the forehand front corner of receiver and he is usually not prepared to return it flat so he lifts it, giving way to a smash.

    My query is that international players never do this. Why? What is it that the other player does which renders this serve unnecessary?

  5. The pros and so fast on receiving this type of shot so that’s why it is not used that much. Sometimes it can be good as an variation when serving. We made a video about this technique you mention, find it on our channel πŸ˜‰

  6. Sometimes, it can deceive you opponent, but remember that you’re also opening the vulnerability for a straight reply. If you’re using it on Pros that has a better awareness and reflex than common people, that’s not a very good idea IMHO haha.

    Remember to communicate with your partner if you wanna do it tho. Sometimes our partner didnt expect us to serve into the outside. Make sure they’re prepared for the possible reply

  7. Thank you so muchh❀️❀️
    I finally can service welll after watching it

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