need some recommendations s d md

Need some recommendations – S/D/MD

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I know the feeling. I started off 13 years ago with an armortec150 (I think). After 3 years with it I got two of the VT80 and the first one I got came misshapen out of the factory and I didn’t even notice. Now I have Astrox100zz and Astrox Nextage to compare it to.

I didn’t notice the control. But I did notice a difficulty with generating power. My previous racquets were Nanoray800 and Nanoflare 800lt at that point, and I had never tried one of the Arcsaber range.

If you can master the Astrox 100zz, then it is a great tool. I’ve seen a lot of great club players using it and they make it look like a head light racquet on defense and drives. I can’t do that, it hurts my shoulder when playing with it after 4 hrs. So I sometimes use it for a few singles games when I want to turn my brain off and just do lots of effortless clears.

Try Astrox Nextage
Or try Apacs Stardom 800

Both are slightly flex, and slightly head heavy. Neither is too expensive (~£80-£100 nextage and about £37 for Stardom800).

If you want to become more of a threat at the backcourt, become fast and strong. The hardest players I play against (doubles, division 2-3 standard in Hampshire local leagues) are the ones that are strong at returning serves, deceptive around the net, and the ones that can get into smashing position very quickly.