HomeBadmintonMixed Doubles Serve & Return Tactics – A Complete Guide!

In this video clip we share methods and also approach recommendations for blended increases offer as well as return of offer, such as the right positioning to use and also what shots to play to help you win more badminton suits!

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Mixed Doubles Serve & Return Tactics – A Complete Guide! — 36 Comments

  1. We hope you found this useful – it was definitely our longest video to produce yet! 🏸🏸 If you haven’t seen our video on the serve, return of serve or returning the flick serve then we will put the links here for you in case you are interested:

    Serve – https://youtu.be/kzWpvuWeih0
    Return of Serve – https://youtu.be/eXIRaSN7Vvg
    How To Return The Flick Serve – https://youtu.be/wbjlCuBK6mo

    And once again please consider joining our Patreon, here’s the link 😀https://www.patreon.com/badmintoninsight

  2. thanks for this vid👏🏻
    Always have a hard time when serving in mixed when playing at school

  3. Hey! I am a big fan of your vids, with ur tutorials and training given by my coaches I am playing my first tournament this week wish me luck

  4. I started playing badminton just 2 months ago. Learned a lot from your videos. I’ve improved so much in this short time that some of the best players at my university invite me to play mixed doubles with them. Great videos. Thanks a lot👍🏻. Gratitude from 🇵🇰

  5. Hey guys ! Thanks a lot for sharing a lot of insights. Always admired the way content is focused and to the point, no nonsense. Been following the tips and techniques for a while. I would love to see you share how to develop line judgement skills. Thank you !

  6. 🏸🏸 Thanks for posting! And good pacing and breakdown of each phase, including who serves first. Sorry Greg had to take one for the team as part of the five hour recording session.😅

  7. Awesome video! 🏸Looking forward to these series. This will definitely help eliminate some of the stress when me and my wife play mixed doubles 🤣

  8. Thank you so much ☺️ very kind of you! And thanks for the video suggestion 👍🏼

  9. 🏸🏸 Love the straightforward way you explain. Now the tough part, practice, practice and practice. Just got a new partner in Murcia, Spain so will be going through this together. Keep up the excellent work.

  10. Me and my mixed partner will definitely be watching this together. The mixed discipline is the most fun and tactical to play. Looking forward to the rest of the series 🏸🏸

  11. Thank you for sharing your insights. I really appreciate the time and effort you put into making this video. I’m going to show this to the players in my club. You guys have done it soooo much better than any other video I’ve watched. Hats off to you both. 😃 Love from Melbourne, Australia.

  12. Really good video, well done!! Clear, concise, and logical. Especially like that you emphasise the need to adapt to your opponent and according to your own ability.

  13. Thanks for the tips..😊
    Looking forward for the coming videos
    Pls do a video on court dimensions

  14. 🏸🏸 great work as always! One question: As a male, returning on the odd side, a typical return in MD is the forehand brush/push down the left side (receiver’s POV). However, this can easily expose my female partner to a deep backhand if the opponent’s shot goes over my head (which is the common shot). Should I always just look to move back as quick as possible, or is this just considered a bad/rare return in XD? Thanks so much!

  15. Very insightful, thank you for all the efforts and time you invest in doing these videos, your sincerity is evident in the quality of content you produce. Thanks a lot, much appreciate it !!

  16. 🏸🏸🏸 Coaching spot on as usual and the effort and time you’ve spent on production shines through. Looking forward to “MDT Part II – The Rotation Matrix “!!! 👌

  17. Holy Molly !! What an awesome video ! And it’s only part 1 ! The amount of time and knowledge put in this unique video is incredible ! Hats off to both of you ! I lack of words to express all of my gratitude. I just love you guys <3

  18. Thank you!! 🏸🏸as a mixed doubles player I love this! Please do it for woman’s doubles too! ❤️

  19. Hey what’s your recommendation brand for feathered shuttlecocks? Also clothing? Thank you