Looking for my next shoes

As title said, Im looking for a new pair of shoes. Currently Im using Victor P9200 and after 5+ years I think I want a new pair of shoes. Not the lightest pair of shoes I have, but it has nice ankle support. For my next shoes, I am looking for either Victor or Mizuno. No Yonex shoes for me as Im done with their shoes durability. The criteria Im looking for from my next shoes: ankle support, grippy soles, and durable. Some models I have in mind:

Mizuno Wave Claw (what’s the diff between Claw, Claw 2, and Claw Neo? :confused:)
Victor P9300 (I see this one has several good reviews here)
Victor P9500 (better than P9300?)
Victor P8500ii (anyone tried this one yet?)

Any reviews of the shoes I listed above or other recommendations?