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Lin Dan Vs. Lee Chong Wei – best rallies and highlights from Asian Championship — 60 Comments

  1. I don’t know how to say, but if these 2 players have to decide an ending of their career, it would be a full of sweet hardest match memories 😂😂😢

  2. at frist Lee CHONG Wei go easy and he go with skills in end/
    lin dan was wining at first part but Lee CHONG Wei takes it
    Lee CHONG Wei very skillful.

  3. Lin Dan = monster
    LCW = artist
    I don’t think we will see another player with his level of footwork + skills soon. It’s even harder to see any rivals like these two.

  4. Two greatest rivalry..in badminton history..even lcw didn’t win two major event..he still can counted as legendary

  5. the last match is unexpected, one thing for sure Lee CW is much more passion on badminton than anyone else. even he has cancer, still he want to play…never give up on badminton.
    that’s not about trophy anymore, he live with badmintion, die with badminton.

  6. Dude you idiot.. there’s cancer and there’s cancer. People can get like some cancerous growth somewhere on the outside and have it cut off.. and recover. Or they can get cancer and it goes undetected and develops and doctors can do nothing and it kills them. It doesn’t make somebody more heroic than other great badminton players if they get some early stage cancer that is not so hard for doctors to treat . I iassure you that other badminton players would also continue playing. Now, if somebody has cancer and is near death and still plays, that shows insane commitment! But if somebody didn’t fall into a late stage of it and it was treated fine and they have recovered then that’s normal for a great badminton player to still play after they have recovered.

  7. Whenever these two players compete, it’s always the audience(viewers) who win.

  8. Lee chong wei had just retired from today… So on legend…all the best for you…😇😇😇

  9. @boliussa Noone said it was more and less heroic. He just stated that it was commendable for LCW to keep playing even with cancer. Why you gotta be all rude. Is it because it makes you feel superior?

  10. taufik hidayak is beast. i have not seen anyone doing back-hand smash and net shot so perfectly.
    too bad his behavior ruined him. otherwise we would see the romance of the 3 kingdoms in between these 3 players.

  11. LD greatest of all time in badminton history. Lcw the great fighter people will remember his spirit.

  12. Please dont compare LD AND LCW. LD is highest level badminton player can be. Lcw is great fighter put up so many good fights we love his spirit but no Olympics champ even no worldchamp… Malaysia doesnt have that crazy resource for lcw like the support lindan and chenlong get from China. Lcw is legend, LD is roof top level. Case closed.

  13. Absolutely agree, seeing LCW movement is full of art, full of passion, and seeing Lin Dan movement is an example of the player with the most effective movements, almost like walking here and there.

  14. @Rhegaz Navigaming yes… such a passion that he cheat for 3 silver medal

  15. Lee: Lightening speed, attacking game….
    The only player who hold rank 1 for 349 weeks
    Olympics: 3 silver

    Lin: Killer smash, great defencive…..
    The only player who completed super slam…
    Olympics: 2 gold

    Both are legends…….

  16. @Wings Gaming fans how can you even say that well you are talking if you have defeated lindan and Lee Chong wei

  17. The Darkened One You have to look at the quality and level of the competition. I can rack up 1,000 wins against 5 yo; that doesn’t make me an elite player. If Lin Dan put more focus on major competitions, his opponents were of higher quality and that’s supported by fact that Lin Dan won more major events. Hope that makes sense to you. H2H, Lin Dan also won by a ratio of 7 to 3. You can’t say A is a better player than B when A loses substantially more in h2h contest, anyway you look at it.

  18. @The Darkened One “it doesn’t matter if he wins a major or not”

    LOL! Brk, did you know the only reason why I’m here arguing facts with you is because I don’t think LCW can be considered a great without winning any world championship. What are you talking about? So according to you, LCW is better if he beat Brice Leverdez 500 times,, compared to LD who beat Chen Long 300 times? Enlighten me pls.

  19. @Stuart Sng ok even if you’re right, is there a problem having my own opinion? If i wanna think that lee chong wei is a better player is it wrong? And it took you that long just to reply XD

  20. What is the length of the court for singles, it seems small here but when I make it seems big😆

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