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Lin Dan (CHN) v Lee Chong Wei (MAS) – Men’s Badminton Singles Final | London 2012 Olympics — 68 Comments

  1. This was such a memorable match for Malaysians. Even Chong Wei didn’t win, this match brought Malaysians of all ages and races to sit and watch together at restaurants, ‘mamaks’ and other places where the tv was tuned to this match. Chong Wei is retiring and looking at the current malaysia badminton scene, there’s nobody left to win us the gold medal in 2016.

  2. I watched this live in 2012. It was one the highlights of London 2012. I have tremendous respect for both athletes, they are some of the best ambassadors any sport can wish for.

  3. I’m a Malaysian, of course I will favour to LCW, but fact is fact, Lin Dan is the best badminton player ever. Perfect player.

  4. I miss those days when Lin Dan, Taufik Hidayat, Peter Gade, Lee Chong Wei were in their prime. Now they are all retired, except LCW. Once LCW retire, badminton will never be the same. I bet a lot of people miss these big 4.

  5. Lee Chong Wei lost and at the time it shattered my heart to pieces, but this remained one of the best matches in badminton history. Both LCW and Lin Dan are living legends.

  6. Lin Dan is just too mentally strong, that’s why he’s so clutch!

  7. if lee chong wei emerge at another time and another generation, this man could become the ultimate legend and probably never being beaten at almost every tournament… but too bad he’s at the same generation with probably the greatest ever human being ever hold a badminton racquet lin dan!

  8. I’m a Chinese and my favorite player has always been LCW. Do you think we Chinese fan will be happy if LCW is retiring and we don’t have obstacles to win? That’s a big NO. We are so grateful that LCW present us these amazing games, many of us actually don’t care who wins the game, we are just so blessed to watch them play as a fan.

  9. Can we just agree that this might be one of the greatest matches ever played? The two best badminton players ever meet in the Golden match final and take it to a 3-game match, with the last one ending 21/19. Insane.

  10. @Wings Gaming fans he said “nobody left for us to win medal in 2016 ”
    read it carefully

  11. After watching alot of lin dan matches…
    Lin dan played seriously only with LCW….
    Shows how much respect they have for each other

  12. No words can describe this match. Both of the players are extraordinary

  13. So happy to have started badminton during the era of LCW and Lin Dan. Both are extraordinary players, even tho I have a slight preference for LCW, Lin Dan will always remain legend. Let’s hope we will witness other great players in the years to come, with as much rivalry on the court as these 2.

  14. Today, about a year after Lee Chong Wei’s retirement. Lin Dan has announced his retirement as well, marking the end of the greatest era of badminton.

  15. LCW is absolutely amazing, but LD is beyond amazing, no doubt he is the greatest of all time, what a match 🔥 🔥

  16. Lee Chong Wei has come a long way since 2008 Olympics. This is towards the end of his physical prime no doubt but he went out with a bang. His mental strength increased considerably. Lin Dan went from his worst nightmare to his biggest motivation to keep going. Sad that their era is over. At least we can say this is by far the best Olympics final ever for men’s singles.

  17. @Marco Sundah his back went somewhere in 2006 and Peter Gade’s knees in 2002. Neither of those 2 are at 100% anymore by the time Lin Dan completely dominated the scene (2007-2012).

  18. @theinky2k fast forward to 2016 he beat lindan in semi finals to win another silver medal…

    And fast forward to 2020, both the legends are retired

  19. @Febry Ramadhan intinya lindan big game player bro, g ada yg bisa “imbangin dia”

    The real goat of badminton

  20. @GoldenHawk93 his mental strength is his weakness that’s why he can’t handle the pressure my friend.

  21. for all competitive sports, winner takes all, so you are possibly alone…

  22. Lin Dan is legend. No one can replace him in this world even in future. Glad that my era appear lin dan this best of the best badminton player

  23. This was both of them at their peaks, showing us true badminton played till perfection. Each rally was so nail biting to watch.

  24. @Skywalker CFC Lol what? Lin Dan won the SUPER GRAND SLAM = 9 major badminton titles at the age of 28 and still to this day, the only player ever to have ever done it. LCW never won the olympic, world championship nor the asian games. Lin Dan is the GOAT of badminton, and it’s not even close and not debatable. Case closed 🐐

  25. Wow some ppl in this comment are so salty. I respect LCW as a player, but he is no where near Lin Dan, and that’s a fact. Lin Dan have 2 grand slams, over 20+ world titles while LCW actually has none. The gap is huge, their achivement speaks for themselves, you’d be way voer your head to say LCW is better than Lin Dan. Lin Dan is simply the GOAT of badminton.

  26. @Skywalker CFC lol talk about being subjective…. Just admit Lin Dan is the better player instead of using luck as an excuse.

  27. Hope you are wrong but yea it’s gonna be extremely difficult for any player to surpass his greatness.

  28. @MrKratosndante It’s not easy for any reigning champion to defend his title, a much less-talked-about pressure. That’s one reason why nobody else had made it before Lin.

  29. A few days ago, I was watching the Tokyo Olympics and the men’s single’s final, with my father, who’s 92. In the middle of the game, he suddenly asked me, “where is Lin Dan?”

  30. @Skywalker CFC
    Lin Dan
    2x Olympic Gold medalist
    5x World Champion
    0x Olympic Gold Medalist
    0x World Champion
    28-12 h2h record
    Congrats on ur dumb opinion

  31. @Alternate Cavs , so what ? Even Axelson and Chen Long won Olympic gold and World Championship. But that doesn’t mean they are better than Lee Chong Wei.

  32. @Today On the contrary, without Lindan, LCW will not probably be in the game for that long, because he always want to prove that one day he will beat Lindan and win the big tournament.

  33. @Sampson Chan depends on your definition of major championship titles, if we only count Olympic, World Championship, and Asian Games then only Lin Dan won them

  34. @Arthur Sundberg no, they are not in the same level. Chen long and lee in the same level.

  35. @Kendy Japri Don’t put Lee Chong Wei in the same sentence with the Olympic & World Champion Taufik Hidayat, it’s disgusting!

  36. I miss the feeling. This was so mixed emotion. Pure talent and skill to the both athletes. Respect!!!

  37. confidence & mentality does matter here! I think LCW lags with that. Otherwise , there are same in skill level

  38. @kotaro minami2018 kannn. Aku perati puak seberang kalau ckp pasal lindan vs lcw mesti nak tag along dia punya atlet adoiii. Tulaa overproud lg

  39. both are the strongest player in my mind in recent 15 years, LCW is a bit unlucky not to get the Olympic gold medal!

  40. @asdfasdfasdf you would say he barely won World Championship 2011 also ? 🤣, Correct your word 😂

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