li ning shuttles models changed

Li-Ning Shuttles Models changed.


So I ordered another dozen of g800 earlier and almost finishing them soon. So will be ordering new ones. The prices went up a little so I am thinking whether to try out Victor master 1. Anyone got experience?
I tried master 2 once and that was a long time ago .

The G800 were better in flight than the old package. The feathers ruffled up easier which irritated me quite a bit. I am a bit of a OCD freak.

And I don’t get them at 23-25eur. Old packaging was 17 eur. New g800 initial batch was going 18 eur. Now hitting 19.

Haa if we could do 25 eur, we will be using G900 which is a600+ (used in BWF Li-ning sponsored games)