Li-Ning N9II 3U

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I own the N9ii, JS12 4UG5 and BRS12 3UG5.

Head heaviness N9ii > JS12 > BRS12
Shaft stiffness JS12 > BRS12 >= N9ii
Frame speed BRS12 > N9ii >= JS12

My rating N9ii > JS12 = BRS12

I started out with the BRS12 and loved the fast frame and used it for quite a while. Cosmetically the BRS12 with the sword frame chips easily. One thing I realized is that smash power is a little lacking due to being more headlight. Seeing that the JS12 would be the successor I got one when it came out, the JS12 fixed the smash power problem of the BRS12 but the frame speed was reduced and the shaft got stiffer which made it not as user friendly compared to the BRS12. Problems with the JS12 is that the frame is not strong enough and the grommets are sinking into the frame at the 4 8 o’clock areas even under 26lbs string tension (be sure to look into that if you are buying used). After using the JS12 for a while I gave the Lining N9ii a try and immediately loved it (maybe it fits my playing style =P). First thing I noticed was the more flexible shaft and I was able to generate more power from backhand shots and smashes. The frame is also somewhat sharp similar to the bravesword series which gave it a quick swing also. Second, I can definitely feel a little more headweight compared to the JS12 but it still swings fast. Now, I use the N9ii for doubles and singles and am looking for a 2nd one as backup.

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