Leo Carnando / Daniel Marthin

Perhaps I’m one week late to congratulate Leo/Daniek,,,
Also Welcome to Top 10 bwf WR MD!

The progress has been very good for this pair,,, I think the next challenge if they can reach at least SF consistently in many WT tournaments in 2023,,, also if they can consistently beat many top 5 top 10 ranked pair like Aaron Chia/SWY, Liu/Ou, Shetty/Rankireddy, Lee Yang/WCL, etc.

Daniel Marthin smash is the best/hardest in INA (if not the world as well),,, I think Daniel can also learn from Ahsan and Rian Ardianto as well to have as many variation with chop/drop/stick smash etc… But seeing many full-body jump smash from Daniel is just wow,,,

And for Leo, always set up nicely for Daniel in front of the net,,, but maybe trying a bit of flair/trickery like Kevin SS or Fajar Alfian will be more fun!