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LEGENDARY Badminton Skills – Featuring Lin Dan, Taufik Hidayat, Lee Chong Wei, Peter Gade — 59 Comments

  1. Nice video bro! continue like that and I think with your, my and all others badminton Channel, badminton will become more famous

  2. Wow…All my favorite badminton players in one video. Though Lin Dan was really good I didn’t like him much. Taufik will always be my ultimate favorite badminton player.

  3. All legend excel in their own way, Lin Dan’s smashes are devastating back in his days. Lee CW is best at the net and diving for smashes, Peter flick of da wrist always impress me, and taufik for me is good at strength management and control or the shuttle. Sadly their era is coming to a halt, peter and Taufik already stoped. LCW is rumoured to stop after Rio and Lin Dan is also reaching his peek. 🙁

  4. dulu masih ingat lagi taufik hidayat dri indonesia ..masa kecil mint sgt..dia legend sgt2..kebetulan masa dia main tu adk bongsu aku lahir, mak ayah kakak n abg aku semua minat taufik hidayat, smpai nama adik bongsu aku pn diaorg letk nama taufik hidayat.. tpi skrg adk aku tu bkn minat badminton pn tpi dia main hoki.. haha pape pun taufik hidayat legend yg sntiasa diingati.. syabas..

  5. if i can backhand smash like taufik, fast like lee chong wei , and power like Lin Dan hahaha

  6. the real legend is Rudi Hartono,, he was won championship in All England for 8 times..

  7. 0:56 that is the first time I see a player can counter that kind of shoot, Lee Chong Wei is confirmed one of the best single player ever

  8. Here is the actual list from this video acording to title and most prectige title
    1. Lin Dan 2 Olympic Gold Medal and 5 World Champ also 2 silver world champ
    2. Taufik Hidayat 1 Olympic Gold Medal and 1 World Champ and also 1 silver world champ
    3. Lee Chong Wei 0 and also 0 (3 silver olympic and 3 silver world cham)
    4. Peter Hoeg Gade no Olympic medal and 1 silver medal World Champ

    Bronze doesnt count

  9. Taufik was Indonesia’s sweetheart…and when we see him now, we still love him like before

  10. Agreed. Lin Dan is a bit smarter than LCW when playing near the net. LCW was a bit faster. They both have crazy smashes. Taufik will always be remembered as the best backhand in badminton history. While Peter Gade is a bit more unpredictable with his moves than the other 3. Today’s era Momota, Axelsen, and others are not that interesting compared to 2000-2010 era when these 4 were playing each other.

  11. these 4 players won’t be surpassed for many many years. To imagine LCW was still clinching world no. 2 in 2018 at 35. There won’t be any player who can execute backhand smash as good as Taufik and Lin Dan remains the only player completed the “Super Grand Slam”, having won all nine major titles in the badminton world.

  12. And who tf is that rudy hartono guy, people don’t even know him, it means that he’s not anybody, stfu

  13. if fast and backhand like taufik, deception like lin dan, footwork and power like lee chong wei and tricky as peter then im set too
    but and if is an if

  14. @Wimz Swimz Dumb.. Stop over generalizing everyone.. not all LD fans are bad.. what logic is this?

  15. Yes. One of your comments! Your comment upsets me! Can’t you comment more polite a little bit??? It shows how uneducated you are!

  16. @andri marpaung coba nonton podcast deddy yg sama taufik kemaren,disitu dia bongkar semua kenapa dia dulu begitu,ada yg salah dengan federasinya bahkan sampe ke pemerintahnya

  17. @Agustine Kennedy world ranking is useless, he can’t win prestige medals. So what? World ranking is just about point, LCW won so much common/ordinary medals, that’s why his point was great, and he becomes #1 world ranking

  18. @Mr. Binary You just shut up boy !!
    Are u jelous? LCW is comfirm great athlete in Badminton history..no need to argume. Undertand!

  19. @Mr. Binary yup, but LCW 1000x better than you It is the fact XD! Please changed your mindset first..don’t be fucking annoying yah

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