HSBC BWF World Tour Finals 2022 (formerly Race to Guangzhou)

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The cancellation of many events, means that in early November we could see the standing on World Tour Finals so early.

Observation on 2022 Australian Open (7000 points for winner):

MS: 2 seats are open. LZJ. LGZ, LKY and LS are in Australian Open so their chance of coming to Guangzhao are still open.
WS: All 8 seats are set. AY is not competing in Australian Open but she is still in. Both WZY and HY are not eligible because China has 2 WS already in top 8.
MD: Rankireddy./Shetty has a slim chance if the pair wins Australian Open by replacing Choi/Kim

WD: All 8 seats are set.
XD: One seat still open.