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How To Play A ‘Round The Back’ Shot In Badminton — 29 Comments

  1. my favourite badminton youtubers. I binge watch your videos and it has helped me a lot with my game. thank you guys!❤

  2. Easy to see but very difficult to master but thanks guys for this tutorial it will really help us in doubles

  3. Another amazing tutorial! You always provide clear and detailed instructions to help us get better at badminton. Keep up the AWESOME work… Lets get to 200,000 subs!!

  4. That’s amazing to hear, great to know that we’re helping you 😄🏸

  5. The video was great (as usual) 🔥❤️
    Can you please upload some “shorts” content containing some cool tricks (along with a short tutorial) like you were spinning the racket in your last video and a trick-shot that you posted on your Instagram

  6. Hi i hope u will teach between the legs also…from the third court🖤badminton insight

  7. Thanks for the suggestions! Maybe one of these coming soon… 👀

  8. Great tutorial on the infamous behind the back shot. This video reminds us that We should always have a bit of fun when playing and add in some trick-shots in our game to make it more entertaining. Enjoyed the video and can’t wait for next weeks upload!

  9. I have never tried this, though I’ve seen it being done several times. I think I’ll try it now using the tips you have suggested.

  10. Loved the insights… keep going love you guys soooo much … I just started training ( for badminton ) and all thanks to you guys for inspiring me. Much love ❤also it is greg or Jenny replying ?

  11. Great video ! Can you make a video with different badminton games ? Just some fun training stuff and matches ?

  12. I’ve tried doing the Brap in training, now time to try this! Love the videos 😊

  13. Thank you so much for this trick shot. Can make a tutorial on more such trick shots like playing the shuttle near your hips like the one Lee Chong Wei does?

  14. Thank you for the great tutorial im going to practice it tomorrow and you help me a lot especially on emproving my game play and you guys are the best and give the best tutorials i know that the trick are so hard but when you guys explain it it’s much easier and hope you can keep up the good work and your videos are so clear to understand and I really appreciate the things you do by editing for hours and making videos we appreciate it a lot and thank you so much for changing my life

  15. This channel is GROWING!! Nice toturial.

    Also a suggestion video: I really need your version tutorial on how to hit the shuttle when facing to the back trickshot like lin dan 👍🏿👍🏾

  16. Really means a lot to people who cannot afford a court like me thank you 🙏

  17. @riccardo’s dad was born in 2004 Yes he has great awareness of the space, his body and his racquet head.

  18. I so much love your channel 😍… Thanks for making the videos fun 😊

    Please, I’d love it if you could make a video on stringing of rackets. I really would like to know your view on what tension is best for various levels of play ie. beginner, amateur, etc.


  19. I did it twice in a row yesterday during a double game. It was so satisfying ! I wanted so hard to win that point, just to be sure it wasn’t useless 😅. And after the game, we talked with our opponents and congratulate me for that point, nice from them 👌🏼

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