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How To Improve Your Badminton Endurance & Stamina — 32 Comments

  1. Thanks for this i really needed it… im going to play the state level tournament for the first time ! Please give me some tips and tricks and wish me luck… its on 22nd of May also, loved the insights… you both rock keep going 🤩🤩 and is it Jenny or is it Greg?

  2. Great video guys!!! i actually had a video suggestion, could you do an advanced tutorial for the backhand clear drop and the smash? I really struggle with the backhand drop in singles and I don’t understand where I am going wrong.

  3. THIS IS JUST THE VIDEO I NEED! Thanks so muchhhh all your videos are helpful 🏸

  4. I just had a badminton match and I got extremely tired during the math, this is going to help so much thanks!

  5. Most important video for me ! Thanks for this , next time I will give my full potential and I will tell after results

  6. I don’t get tired very quickly but it still feels nice to know this stuff
    Thank You

  7. i usually get tired of playing in lunges but i just dont know how to fix it i asked my coach and he said that i have to train very hard and then i slowly improved! thanks to u guys too for helping me improve my badminton skills!

  8. I actually lost a match due to getting tired🙃. But that was my very first tournament and i had just started playing badminton. This video is very useful. Thanks guys! 👍🏻

  9. Great video as always!👍 exactly what I needed. Also, it would be awesome if you make a tutorial on how to play the backhand reverse slice shot. Been trying to learn it from many days now.

  10. Wow another great video!! I already bought the multi feed programmes and they have been so helpful.. can’t wait to keep using them! Thanks Greg and Jenny 😊

  11. Just the video I needed, thank you very much 🙏

  12. Awesome, thank you! Great to hear you’ve been enjoying the programmes 😄

  13. Thank you so much! We’ve already made a video on that here -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5k81t-6E14&t=12s

  14. Keep working hard and next time you’ll win those matches! 😄🏸

  15. Yes it’s still important to know (and also train for that one opponent who’s tactic might be to play really long rallies against you!) 😄

  16. I started playing badminton again 18 months ago after a gap of 40 years (used to play regularly at school). I’m really enjoying it and find your videos really useful. When I was at school, one training activity we had was “shuttle runs”. Basically, a race between 2 or more people in which you had to transport 6 shuttles which were placed on one side of the court to the other. The rule was that you had to pick it up with your badminton playing hand and lace it beyond the doubles side line at the other side of the court. We used to make a competition out of it as well so there was no “slacking”

    Looking back, it was a great method for building badminton specific endurance. I’m very grateful to the 2 teachers who used to run the sessions for all of the players at school. 4pm-9pm twice a week – completely voluntary.

  17. Thanks for this! Will use it with my high school kids at our club. I just purchased your doubles and singles multi feed drills and weight training program. Looking forward to using those also!! Keep up the great work!

  18. I like to add that your shot quality and footwork are very important in preserving your endurance in a game, at least at club level play.

  19. Thank you so much for all these tips , I will definitely use them in my u13 tournament next week Saturday🏸🏸😊😊

  20. Thank you for the new video. Keep up the good work Greg and jenny and it helps me a lot for my training I go for.

  21. Good to see the bike in the interval training. I see pro’s on IG om the stationary bike doing intervals but a lot of people say the bike is bad because it supposedly is using different muscles groups. I’m much too prone to running induced injuries so the bike it is. Would you advice for or against longer endurance rides for overal base stamina?

  22. Hi, amazing video as always!

    Could you do a very quick video on how to multifeed? I don’t know if this sounds tribal, but I really have issues holding 20+ birdies and continuously feed them fast… Thanks!