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How To Go From An Intermediate To Advanced Badminton Player — 33 Comments

  1. Great video guys, the transitions from one point to the next were smooth! Also I’m noticing more and more little improvements you guys make with the video editing quality and use of graphics, don’t think they go unnoticed, they look great!

  2. Great video! I can see now why I am stuck being in intermediate player. All the points you touch upon really hit the nail. Really helpfull video! I think another great question is how to be less tense in tournaments? What can you do to prepare yourself mentally? I personally tend to be more tense compared to training even if it is a competitive training session.

  3. Nice video. For me physical should not be a bonus tip. Most intermediate players get drained if the rally goes more than 10 shots so we lose the patience and try to hit match winning points from difficult area. The faster we position ourselves with better balance and control will give us the confident to take drop shots and smash.

  4. You guys are always knowing what exactly we need to know and make a video .You guys are just so amazing! Loved this one too as usual;) I’m surely gonna use these in my game! Thank you very much Greg And Jenny!<3

  5. Another awesome insights, thanks guys! Definitely all of them applies to me, and it is always good to get reminded of the common errors. Also great job on the video quality! One question: is there any routine you do between the rallies to calm the nerves and get less tense? I try to rotate the racket in my hand and inhale the air slowly – kind of works a little but not easy to always relax especially in a close game.

  6. Fantastic video guys, very well thought of and great breakdown of the key areas. The hard work you guys are putting in making these clips is very much appreciated. Many thanks

  7. Thanks Karthik 😃 yes this will definitely help! We’ll always mention footwork as one of the most important things to improve!!

  8. Thanks Wesley! That’s great to hear 😊 this seems to be a regular theme! We’ll do a video on this at some point but we think the main thing to focus on is focusing on enjoying the experience. Control what you can control and accept nervous thoughts then focus on playing your game and enjoy doing so 🙂

  9. Thank you so much Ajay – we are trying and glad you are noticing 🥳

  10. Hey Greg and Jenny! Great video! Do you have any tips for making less mistakes? Missing shuttles, hitting the rim etc. In your opinion, is it experience? Technique? Psychology? Footwork?

  11. Great video, definitely guilty of all of those at different times, especially trying to hit too hard too often!

    One idea for a video, how about one on the third shot in doubles, positioning of the server and partner, what shot selections you should go for etc. One problem you often find as the servers partner, getting good vision of the shuttle can be difficult, maybe the server needs to adopt a lower stance straight after the serve, things like that.

  12. Wow, great content Jenny and Greg, you’ve really developed your channel into something unique on YouTube. Thoroughly deserving of your rapidly climbing subs.

  13. thank you for your advices. It would be excellent if they could offer a course in person such as the couch level 1,2,3 or the Fast track of the BWF. Greetings from Mexico 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

  14. Thank you Darren! And thanks for the suggestion.. have you watched our doubles return of serve video?

  15. Another great video. I’ve been asking myself this exact same question lately – what is it that separates an advanced player from an intermediate? PS. Well played and unlucky in Nantes – going out to the eventual tournament winners *again* (you guys can’t catch a break!)

  16. Thank you so much for this video!! Just what I needed. I’m sure it will help me a great deal. Keep up the great work guys!!

  17. Hi Greg and Jenny, you should make a video on positioning mistakes. Upon watching other channels I learned some of my mistakes include not putting more weight on my dominant foot for push-off, and where my feet are positioned. I think some audiences may not know about doubles rotation. I think these will be great topics to cover

  18. Thank you! I really liked the TRME ad combined with the tips, definitely a nice transition and makes it much more entertaining. Also definitely agree, bad lifts, trying to win early, always hitting hard are all stuff I regularly do 😂

  19. Hi Simon! We’ve probably covered lots of these on previous tutorials related to certain shots! We’ve also covered doubles rotations a while back on the channel 🙂

  20. Been watching most of the videos since 2021, both of you brought out so many helpful tips that were not covered in my training even for 3 years time. These guides were super practical and useful, thank you for being so kind and not holding back sharing from your pro experience. Keep up the good job. Regards from Malaysia!

  21. Thank you for these valuable tips. They are certainly going to improve my game. Love the little timeline icons for each tip! They are smashing 🏸🏸🏸

  22. Great video ! I’ve struggled a lot with mistake number 4 but it didn’t impact my shot that much.It rather made it really hard for me to reach net shots and deep court shots, especially since I’m a short player. I couldn’t quite figure out what the problem was since my shadow was good but I was never able to reproduce it in a match. I found out after a tough 3 hours session in a boiling hall. I was so tired that I was fully relaxed but still going for the shuttles, even the hardest ones. I realised that I was actually way faster than usual because my legs were relaxed. I haven’t gotten many occasions to play ever since that day but I’ll definitely be working on that as soon as possible.
    Thank you for all your tips !

  23. Hi Jenny and Greg, Thanks for your guidance. I learn a lot from your videos. Recently got Elbow Tendonitis/Tennis Elbow and was grounded. Do you have any tips for this situation and prevention? Thanks in advance.

  24. Great video guys. Patience is probably the hardest for me, especially when playing against higher level opponents. I get so anxious about making the first mistake that I try too hard on the half chances, which I guess relates to being tense mentally too.

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