Hi Badminton Central

Hi BC,

New member – stumbled across the forum and decided to sign up! :)

I started playing badminton when I was 5 and played right through until I was 17 – at a decent club level, winning a few tournaments along the way. I then had a 25 year hiatus! -and only returned to the sport last November (so I’ve been back around a year or so now!)…

I started off with coaching sessions once a week (over the last year) – really trying to work on my technique and skills and iron out any bad habits and have recently started incorporating game sessions into my routine.. the main issues I’m finding I’m having are fitness (my mind is willing my body sometimes isn’t though!) and working on my consistency… so not much has changed in that department over the last 25 years at least! ;) :)

Some of the rules of the game have though! :) – and so has the equipment… I remember when my trusty old Carlton Powerflo with Ashaway strings was cutting edge! – I bought a Carlton Vapour Trail Pure (even balance and medium flex) to get me back into it and have recently just added a Li-Ning Airforce 77 G2 to my collection. I’ve now had both restrung with Yonex Exbolt 65 (24×26) and this has also made a marked difference.

hope everyone is well and no one gives up the game for 25 years like I did! – (learn from my mistake! :) )