hello from the isle of man

Hello from the Isle of Man

Great to hear you have found the beauty in our sport.

Take care not to get injured, especially in the beginning when the body is still adapting to the new movements. As you will sometimes read on the forum: “You don’t play badminton to get fit. You get fit to play badminton“. Especially the shoulder, the knees, ankles and achilles can be vulnerable in the beginning, even more so with an imperfect technique.

I don’t mean to downplay the risk of injury in other sports. Endurance runners must take care to avoid overuse injuries, and I can imagine the risk of taking a bad fall on the MTB, but badminton involves fast technical footwork with some ‘unnatural’ movements. If anything goes wrong, or something bends the wrong way, it could lead to damage from which players might never completely recover.

I don’t want to scare you off:D. Badminton is a great sport, but make sure you can play it for decades to come. Take care, and listen to your body.