For Sale Carbonex 20 SP Code (Purple), Classic 2UG4

Hello BC Forums!

I intend to sell my Yonex Carbonex 20 Purple, 2UG4, Used with 95% Conditions. Racket is strung with BG66 27 lbs, and the original grip is still intact, but I wrapped them with AC102EX as well.
Price is 150 USD (I’m open for price negotiation as well). Payment via paypal (international) or tokopedia (Indonesia; Shipping is paid by the buyer.

I only use the racket approximately for 2 hours, only for single-match and half-court. There is minor mark when mishit the shuttle in the racket (around 6 o’clock position, as attached in the picture), and the PBSI logo is not complete because it was removed when I wrapping/unwrapping them with towel grip.

In terms of review: it’s a well known fact that this racket is classified as even-balance (290 mm-ish BP), stiff racket. Many pro players used this racket in 1990’s to early 2000’s: Taufik Hidayat, Xia Xuanzhe, Chen Hong, Ji Xinnpeng, Wang Chen (she even used it until 2008!), Lee Dong Soo/Yoo Yung Sung, etc.

Thank You and Happy Badminton and Stay Healthy as Always Everyone!