for sale astrox 77 pro astrox 99 pro and asttrox 88d game mint condition

For Sale – Astrox 77 PRO, Astrox 99 PRO and Asttrox 88D Game – Mint condition

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$160 Astrox 77 PRO Strung with Exbolt 63 at 27 lbs tension 4U G5
$175 Astrox 99 PRO Strung with BG 66 Force at 26 lbs tension 4U G5
$75 Astrox 88D Game Strung with Exbolt 65 at 25 lbs tension 4U G5

All the rackets are in mint condition and rarely used and come with the original bags as well.
I’m the single owner of all these rackets which I bought from Yonex dealer

Buyer to pay for the shipping.

My location:
Bolingbrook, IL-60490, U.S.A

Contact email address:

I couldn’t able to upload the pictures as the site is restricting the files at 1 MB. If you are interested please email me for the photos. I will be happy to share it.