First racket for beginner

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I am a new player and played badminton 3 times so far, but I fall in love with this sport. I have a friend and we agreed that we will be going to play 2-3 times per week. So I would like to choose some better racket for our games.

I dont really have any budget but if it would be possible to fit between 100-150 it would be great. However if it is needed to invest more I can do it.

I dont know yet what kind of play I like, but it seems that some longer and faster shots from middle/end of the field would be my favorite choice. I am basically looking for a racket which will be good in everything but master of none and would not punish me for my beginner mistakes and inaccurate shots.

If it would be possible I would prefer to buy a racket where string would be ready to go from the factory, but after reading several articles I am not sure if that is possible. If not I can find some shop where can put a string in to my racket.

So what would by your first choice for racket in my situation?